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I know I’m a day late for Aunt Stella, but I’m a day early for her husband, Uncle Darrell.  Does that count?

These lovely people are from my mom’s side of the family and I love them dearly.  They host the annual Christmas dinner every year since I can remember. 

Aunt Stella has a knack for decorating that I wish I had inherited.  As all of us in the family say, “She ties a bow on something and it looks darling.  We tie a bow on something, and it looks like we tied a bow on something to try to create something, but fall short.  Way short.”  She also loves to entertain.  This  year, the poor woman was sick (so dizzy she went to bed for awhile.  She was NOT contagious!) when she had a houseful of people, but that didn’t stop her from being a fabulous hostess!

Uncle Darrell gets teased a lot for always being early and extremely neat.  My husband takes it as a compliment to be called “Uncle Darrell.”  And he should.  Whenever we begin to open Christmas presents, Uncle Darrell is at the ready with a trash bag!  He also says, “If you are early, then you are on time.”  My husband has always said a similar adage, “If you are on time, then you are late.”  I told Uncle Darrell that he had found his long, lost son.  Both he and my husband smiled huge smiles.  His CB handle (which was like an online name, for you “young-uns) was “Early Riser.”  🙂

I love these two people!  I have no doubt they love me too.  THAT is a great way to start my day!  Happy Birthday, you two!


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