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Dishwasher 98:Zuzu 0

Yep, it cost 49 dollars to have the guy come out and say, “Yeah, your float needs to be readjusted.”  (Remember, I checked the float?  I guess I didn’t know how to “readjust it.”)  And, then 49 dollars to put the dishwasher back in.   Oh, and since I wasn’t here, he told my hubby to tell me “thanks” for doing all the work for him.  I thought that was really nice, until I got home and found out that he was being sarcastic.  Booo, repairman, booo!

Oh, and I need to clarify something from my last post.  My dad has always been a God-fearing Baptist.  He has always been a wonderful example of living the way God wants us to.  That being said, when I would see him under the sink trying to fix some kind of plumbing issue, he was not a happy man.  He’d get worked up, frustrated, etc.  I don’t know that a four-letter word ever actually left his mouth, but I knew to stay away when the man was working on the plumbing.   Just wanted to clear that up in case any of his friends read this.  🙂  He’s a very funny guy, so when he said he was going to Bible Study, it was true, but it was also funny.

Does that make you feel better, Dad?  Or did I ruin your reputation already?  KIDDING!

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