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Yesterday I had a chance to show my son how to perform a RAK, or Random Act of Kindness.  I am pleased to say that he was all over the idea.  He enjoyed being kind of sneaky about it.  We both enjoyed knowing that the recipient had no idea who had done it. 

I was really impressed that he didn’t say a word about getting paid for the task.  He had just asked if I could think of any way he could earn $50 in just a few days.  (Wha?!?!)  Well, he wants some game for the Wii.  No amount of “I told you so”s would be appropriate.  His father and I continue to tell him to save his money for something like this, but, of course, at age 12, he knows better than we do about things like this.

I have a friend who sticks a dollar bill on the ATM after she gets her money, just to surprise the next visitor.  I don’t know if she does it when she has someone behind her or just anytime.  I’ve heard of people buying the lunch of the person behind them in the drive-thru.  We’ve retrieved flying trash cans down the street during a windy day.  I’ve picked a person and sent her a Secret Friend card each month of the year, just to let her know I was thinking of her.  My husband traveled a lot then, so I’d have him send them from his various destinations, just to throw her off my trail.  SO MUCH FUN!  (Now that I think about it, maybe it creeped her out…)

I had forgotten how great it feels to do a RAK.  Think about doing one today, you’ll be surprised how wonderful you feel. 


Comments on: "RAK" (4)

  1. MarlaLAM said:

    Yesterday afternoon, 2 of our neighbors were shoveling our driveway & then sidewalk. Of course we saw them but how kind. So Ron “paid it forward” by helping our neighbor shovel her huge driveway. Thanks for the reminder of the RAK!!!

  2. migraine queen said:

    Okay, okay, we all wanta know what the RAK was. Or could your secret be revealed, if the person is reads your blog? ….What a wonderful lesson your son has learned from you. You rock, Mama!

  3. zuzuernie said:

    It cannot be revealed. Sorry. That’s part of the deal, and yes, someone might find out. 🙂

  4. Was it MARK that shoveled our driveway? If so, I was thrilled. I went out to shovel right before Dan got home and smashed it all down. I don’t care about that, but he does. When I realized someone else had done it, I was so touched. I asked Rick and Dan Kappel and they both said no. I knew Tom wasn’t home, so I ruled you guys out. If it was Mark, tell him it made my day. You can also tell him Lucy tried to take credit for it, but I wasn’t buying it!

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