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Before I was a mom, I was a teacher.  I taught 2nd grade at the same school for 8 years.  I loved teaching and I loved those kids.  This was before the age of the internet.  When I left, email was starting, and I was one of the very few teachers that had a computer in my room.  And, very few people wanted one in theirs.

Now it is 2008 and last year I created my own Facebook page.  The original reason I did this was because I assumed my son would soon want something like this and I’d heard much more positive things about Facebook than MySpace.  (High point, YOU decide who sees your page.  No one else can. If you search for someone all you see is a profile picture. )  I enjoyed “becoming friends” with my much younger (and hipper) cousins, kids from church that have moved on to college, etc.  Somehow it is much easier just to jot a note to these people than it is to actually email, plus you can share pictures.  Trust me, all these people have much more exciting lives than I do, so their pictures are really fun to view.

Now comes the part of my blog that connects the previous two paragraphs.  I found out that my daughter’s dance teacher graduated high school in 2000.  (Ugh.  That made me feel old right there.)  Then, it hit me.  I taught the class of 2000 when they were in 2nd grade.  Maybe I could find them on Facebook!  (Turning lemons into lemonade is one of my specialties.)  Sure enough, I found one of my very favorite students (I know, I know.  Teachers aren’t supposed to have favorites.  Right.  Do you really believe that?) on Facebook.  Actually, this student’s mom was a part of my son’s delivery.  The student was my son’s first sitter.  So, she and her family are near and dear to all of us.  I decided to check and see if she was on Facebook.  There she was!  She looked beautiful!  I asked her if she’d like to be my friend (so that we could share pictures, send notes, etc.)  She responded with, “MRS. FARMER!”  She was thrilled to hear from me. 

Now she has given me the confidence to contact a few of the other students that I’ve found.  One has already accepted me as a friend and shared with me that she is becoming a music teacher and will be starting her student teaching soon.

It is truly amazing to see how these children have become adults, but I can still see that 2nd grade face in there.  One of my students actually used her 2nd grade picture as her profile picture!

I realize that connecting with your 2nd grade teacher may not be some of these kids’ cup of tea.  But, just connecting with these two students has made it all worthwhile.


Comments on: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (2)

  1. I would think it was the coolest thing in the world if a teacher found me and reached out to me on Facebook. I think that’s just great! I found a friend who I used to babysit for (the daughter of a friend of my older sister’s) and that was fun — I just like reconnecting with people.

  2. zuzuernie said:

    That’s what my kids think too. So, we’ll see. My biggest problem is remembering their names!

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