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A Day of Repair

I just realized that today is a Day of Repair.

First of all, we are getting new garage doors.  FINALLY!  We have double doors, and I have backed into my side twice.  Once was truly all my fault.  Tom’s door was open and I mistook the ample amount of light in the garage to be MY door that was open.  WHAMMO!  I still remember the neighbor driving by looking at me like, “What in the world????”  The other time I backed into it, the door hadn’t gone all the way up and WHAMMO!  The door opener was messed up and I couldn’t see the door in my rearview mirror, so I am not going to take full fault for that one.

Next, I’m getting my hair cut for the first time since my visit to the Loony Bin.  It really needs it.  I kind of like it being long enough to pull back, but the bangs are out of control.  I feel like a sheep dog.

And, lastly, I visit my psychiatrist today.  I don’t really have any complaints or issues, so it probably doesn’t really qualify as a “repair” per se, but more of a maintenance check.  Still that’s close enough that I’m counting it.

As long as they go smoothly, repairs always make me feel so much better.  Let’s hope I don’t come out of the salon with a mullet.


Comments on: "A Day of Repair" (2)

  1. Love the new garage doors-lovely addition to your lovely home-hopefully it’ll add a nice touch for any prospective buyers for the next door neighbor….

  2. zuzuernie said:

    Excellent point, KC! Nancy hopes so too!

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