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Take Care of Yourself

I’m taking the day off today.  It’s Thursday and I’m wiped out.  I’ve been helping with VBS and even though I am not in charge this year, I’ve been up a church a lot this week.  Plus, my daughter has had dance recital and practices all week.  And will have through the weekend, so that involves shuttling her to and from and  doing my part in volunteering.  But, today is my day to stay home.

I was able to go over to a friend’s house and help her start selling stuff on ebay.   I could sleep in without thinking that if I didn’t get up, I wouldn’t get much done at church, and I can lounge around in comfy clothes.

As I told my mom, if I don’t take care of myself, then I can’t take care of my family.  I learned that in MOPS.  And, it is so very true.  I realize I’m pushing it when I feel like I’m on the brink of crying more than once a day.

You know what else I realized today?  No one cared that I was taking today off.  What I mean by that is that I didn’t get any calls saying, “Where are you?  Can you come help?”  None.  Na da.  Zip.  That just shows me that I put more pressure on myself than others do, plus I have a great group of friends that understand me.

That is worth more than they can possibly imagine.  I’ll tell them that.  After my day off. 

Comments on: "Take Care of Yourself" (3)

  1. Good for you Michelle!! I wish I could take a day off – I guess mine is coming at the end of June when summer school will be finally over! But I’ll live vicariously through you till then. 🙂

  2. I’m proud to say that, more often than not, I respond to your blogs with the thought “I know EXACTLY how you feel”! ‘More’ is not always the end-all we might have thought when we were younger,eh….
    Love to you, sweetie.

  3. MarlaLAM said:

    Glad you saved some spoons for yourself!! You have to do this. Hope you get another day like that after this coming week. Count your 12 spoons everyday & decide what you can & can’t do. I do understand!!!

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