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How do you remind yourself to do something?  I don’t know of anyone that actually ties a string around their fingers. 

The other night right before I went to sleep, I remembered something that I had to do in the morning.  I had this friend when I was teaching that told me she opened her bedside drawer.  That way when she woke up the next morning, that was enough to remind her why she opened it.  I have since adopted that practice (I don’t have a drawer, but I have a door.  It works just as well) and it works 98% of the time.  (One time it didn’t and it drove me nuts all day.)

I know some people keep a pad of paper and pen by the side of their bed.  I think that would wake me up too much, and then I couldn’t go back to sleep.

I’ve tried telling my husband, “Hey, remind me in the morning that I have to do “whatever.””  Yeah.  That works 0.5% of the time.

So, when I opened the door of my nightstand the other night, it got me thinking.  What do other people do?  And, look at me!  I remembered to blog about it!


Comments on: "I’ll Be Wrapped Around Your Finger" (2)

  1. Michelle,
    I am one of those ppl that has to get up and write it down…post its are my friend! I no longer have a short term memory – an open door or drawer would just remind me that I had forgotten something else. LOL

  2. Two4deb said:

    What a timely topic! Why, just today, I forgot to do something I was supposed to do! I had had the reminder written on my calendar, so apparently, that didn’t work for me. Since it was something I was supposed to have mailed, I think if I had laid the envelope on the kitchen counter the previous night, that would have worked. Now granted, I would have had to have gotten out of bed in order to have done that, but the effort would have paid off.
    I think that if I opened my night table drawer instead–ouch! Let’s just say it would give the phrase “going bump in the night” an entirely new meaning!

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