bipolar mom shares her insights on everyday life

Questions, questions…

Sometimes these kinds of questions just pop into my head and I wonder, “Am I alone?”  These are usually not enough for an entire post.

  1. Does anyone else drive by a bank that shows the temp and check their own thermometer in the car to see if they match?
  2. Does anyone else find themselves interested in kids’ television shows even when the kids aren’t in the room?  I used to do that with Arthur.  In fact, I’ve used episodes of Arthur to explain a lot of childhood events.
  3. Does anyone else find themselves learning about classic stories from kids’ tv shows?  I’ve learned about stories in the Bible from VeggieTales and have to stop myself from saying, “Larry the Cucumber, uh, I mean Gideon blew his trumpet…”  and “one time on Wishbone, was this guy named Edmond Dantes…”

That’s pretty much it.  I feel better now that I got that out of my head!

Now, don’t leave me hanging…Am I alone here?


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