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Much Better, Thanks

Oh, yes!  Yesterday was officially the Day One on the tote board.  Welcome to day two!!!

So, today I’m just going break away from the bipolar/depression blog and try another bit of observation.

Strip Malls.

They are everywhere.  As they are being constructed, you wonder, “Oooh!  I wonder what is going to go in there?”  Well, let me take a little of the guessing out of it.

Places of business that occur in most strip malls are:

  • Edward Jones – this one for some reason really irks my son.  He is actually the first one to notice how these offices seem to be everywhere!
  • A Nail Salon – no excuses for nasty looking nails.  Just find a strip mall.  Chances are, there is a nail salon.
  • Dentist/Orthodontist – There is one at a strip mall near you!
  • Dry Cleaners – no matter what the name, strange or not-so-strange, you can usually drop your shirts off before getting your nails done.

Once you start looking, you’d be surprised at how many of these are actually in each strip mall.  Keep in mind, I’m not saying every strip mall has all of these, but usually at least two or three, if not all four!

So, while you are hoping to see a fabulous bakery, high-end shoe store, or a place that sells nothing but pink flamingos, just know there aren’t many spaces available.


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