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Yesterday I had two of my dear friends over to play the game Harry Potter Scene It.  The three of us have been huge HP fans for many years.  We had a book discussion after the final book as soon as we had all read it.  We’ve played the game before and are very evenly matched.  We have been trying to get together to do this for over a year, but with my bipolar diagnosis and treatment followed by one of the other friend’s diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer, we obviously had other things going on that took precedence.  (I’m pleased to announce that my friend is doing very, very well!  And, the other friend is afraid to hang around with us since she’s afraid she’s next.)

So, we all finallygot together.  I had given this a lot of thought months ago, and so I had some stuff put away for the occasion.  I made a trophy of Lucius Malfoy as a Death Eater, a sign for Thestral Parking, and a large sign that said, “Welcome to the Triwizard Tournament.”  Now, realizing that this may as well have been written in a foreign language to some of you, bear with me.  Another item I bought for the theme was a box of Bertie Bott’s Beans, which are Jelly Bellys, but have some really disgusting flavors along with normal ones.  (This is a product is featured in all the HP books, and was created for real after the popularity of the books.)

Yesterday my rule was “If you lose the game, you have to eat a Bertie Bott’s bean.  Whatever comes out of the box, you have to eat it.”  Unfortunately, I lost the first game, but luck was with me and my flavored bean was toasted marshmallow.  My friend, Karen had a green one that was grass-flavored.  She said it tasted just like grass, but it wasn’t a bad taste.

We played one more game.  My friend who won the first game was quickly falling behind this round.  (I was at the back again.)  She started telling us how worried she was.  We kept giving her a hard time about being a sore loser.  She said, “You guys, I have a really bad gag reflex.  I’m getting sick just thinking about it.”  Well, she lost the game, and so did I.  She got a light-colored one.  She said, “I will get sick, seriously, guys.”  I got her a large margarine-like tub.  She put the bean in her mouth.  “UGH!  IT’S SARDINE!”  And she spit it out.  And then started to throw up.  Uh-oh.  I truly didn’t realize that she would actually throw up.  I thought she would gag a little. 

By the way, my bean was brownish.  It was dirt.  Yuck.  I kept chewing, sure that I would be able to just chew and swallow.  Nope.  I did the best I could.  I spit it out into the napkin.  I tasted dirt for the next twenty minutes.  Nasty. 

But, it wasn’t sardine.  AND, I don’t have a gag reflex like my friend does.  Just to rest your minds, dear readers, she was back to laughing within an hour or so.  No, I’m kidding.  She was fine within a few minutes.  Truly, I’ve never seen anyone laugh and gag at the same time, but she was.  And, she was quite a trooper.

I did get me to thinking.  Even though all three of us are in our forties, we were doing some major peer pressure on each other.  Sure, this time it wasn’t drinking or drugs, but it was peer pressure all the same.  I really did feel guilty later on in the day.  I also found out later that the poor thing saw Planes, Trains, and Automobilesand a guy made this disgusting sound while clearing his throat.  When he did that, she threw up right into the bucket of popcorn.  If she’d shared that story with us, we would have let her off the hook.  I think.

So, children and adults alike, when it comes to peer pressure…JUST SAY NO!

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