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After watching a recent episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine,”  I saw a common TV irritation repeat itself. 

Whenever anyone picks up a purse or a messenger bag, it is SO obvious that there is nothing in it.  Unless, of course, a prop of some sort, like keys or Kleenex are required for the scene, and then it is obvious that there isn’t anything else in there, because the character always pulls it right out.

Now, let’s quickly discuss the TV world vs. the real world.  My purses never look as flat as the ones on television even when I put only the minimum daily requirements inside.  Putting one wallet in there would make it at least fill out a little.  And, when it comes the messenger bags, these guys pick them up, and sling them over their shoulder like they are filled with cotton balls! 

C’mon!  Would it be so hard to stuff the purses with paper?  You could recycle old scripts that way.  In fact, at least half of the time, the purses I buy have paper already stuffed inside them!  And, put a rock or two in those messenger bags, or learn how to “act” like they are heavier than tissue paper.

Don’t tell me Hollywood has lost touch with the outside world!

Comments on: "What? TV Doesn’t Mirror the Real World?" (1)

  1. That’s so funny; I learned to pretend bags are heavy in my high school theater class. I guess they can’t be perfect; they are already ridiculously funny. I absolutely love “The New Adventures Of Old Christine” and watch it in HD through my employee subscription to DISH Network. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is so much funnier when you can see every detail of her silly facial expressions.

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