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You WILL See This New Word

My good friend, MJ, who actually turned me on to blogging, wrote a new post the other day, and coined a new term.  It is such a good one, that I am sure you will hear it pop up in our culture very soon.  “Posterboarding”

Now anyone that is a parent, may already guess what this term means.  This is one reason I think it will catch on.  “Posterboarding” is when your child informs you that s/he needs you to do something in order for them to complete a project the next day.  I believe we have all been there. 

“Mom, I need a poster for my book report that is due tomorrow.  Do we have any posterboard?”  –You’ve been posterboarded.

“Dad, I need you to burn this music onto a cd for my talent show audition tomorrow.”  (MJ’s example) –You’ve been posterboarded.

My personal real example–“Mom, for tomorrow I have to make a family tree on posterboard and bring in three artifacts that are important to our family.”  –I was posterboarded. 

Fortunately, I already had the posterboard here, but the three artifacts involved calling my parents, getting their family crests, copying them, etc.  The killer on this one was that this occurred on a Sunday.  This chick had all  weekend to tell me about it. 

I wonder if there is such a thing as Posterboard Rage.

Comments on: "You WILL See This New Word" (3)

  1. LOVE IT! Yep, I’m pretty sure every parent with kids in school has experienced this form of torture. How long, ya think, before “posterboarding” shows up in Webster’s Dictionary? Can I create a Wikipedia entry?? 🙂

  2. migrainequeen said:

    VERY CLEVER!!!! Did you ever wonder if all teachers might have stock in posterboard?

  3. Hi Zuzu –
    Your story is all too familiar! I’m from ArtSkills, makers of posterboarding supplies and we literally wrote the book about posterboarding!
    You can get a free download of our Poster Project Idea Book (which includes a 60 Minute Emergency Poster Guide for those Sunday night announcements) at We also have a free poster gallery where you can see great sample posters to get inspired!
    And for when you actually do get some notice and have time to create a real masterpiece, we host poster contests too!
    Check it out!
    Nice blog Zuzu!

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