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My friend MJ writes a fun blog which is often informative as well.  She recently wrote one about items she is trying for laundry. 

I’ll give you a couple of tips, and then i’m going to need your help for a problem I have.

  • Hydrogen peroxide will remove blood stains in a snap.  Just pour some on the stain, watch it bubble up, then toss in the laundry and wash as usual.  (Found this out from a nurse at the ER after my son split his head open in Kindergarten.  There was blood all over the back of his yellow sweatshirt.  Came out looking like new.) 
  • To remove machinery-type grease, just pour a little Dawn liquid detergent directly on grease, and then just use your fingernail to scratch away the grease.  Sure, it’s not turning water into wine, but it is pretty miraculous just the same!

Now, I need help!  My dear neighbor brought tacos over for our dinner last night.  As my family says, “It’s not a meal until Mom spills something on her shirt.”  And, true to form, after I finished, I looked down and taco grease was all over my shirt.  And, one of my favorite shirts at that.  (Kurt Warner jersey)  How do I get that out?  I read once about pouring rubbing alcohol on grease stains to break of the particles or some kind of science thing.  That didn’t work.  PLEASE HELP!!!!

Comments on: "Laundry Tips and Help Needed" (3)

  1. Won’t Dawn work on that grease as well? Otherwise, my grandma NEVER used to be w/out several bottles of “Degreaser” she got from the Fuller Brush man. By the way, I feel your pain–my family actually watches and waits for the shirt spill.

  2. zuzuernie said:

    Randee, I feel like such a dork. It totally worked. Just needed to use a little more elbow grease (ironic), but it came right out! YEAH!!!

  3. Mary Q Contrarie said:

    I found a website that has laundry stain removal tips. The interesting thing that I learned was that it broke the stains down into what type they were, Oil, protien, dyes, wax then combination stains. Then it gave examples of what took out the different types. I found that it really has taken the mystery out of stain removal. Just need to know what type it is. The web page is

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