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Ear Worms

It’s a pop culture reference, not an ailment.   Well, in a way it is an ailment.

An “ear worm” is a song you can’t get out of your head.  Dancing Queen is often cited as an ear worm.  Well, it is no surprise to me that my ear worms have been the songs from Willy Wonka, the musical I am in this weekend.  The weird part is that the songs that are stuck in my head are not the songs that I sing.  Never.  It’s always someone else’s song.

It is so bad that in order to get to sleep, I have to listen to the radio or my MP3 player, or I am doomed for a sleepless night.   Not good.  But, at least I found a treatment.  I just hope this goes away in about a week.  I’m really tired of these keeping me awake.

Oompa Loompa Doompty Doo, now I have given the ear worm to you!  😉


Comments on: "Ear Worms" (1)

  1. Thanks a LOT Michelle!!!! Ooooohhh…and to think how much I HATE worms! I’ll be humming this sucka ALL day!

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