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I absolutely love my kids.  I’ve told them several times that I wish I could freeze them at the ages they are.  They can do stuff on their own.  They don’t need to be entertained 24/7.   And, they are just plain fun to be around.

Yesterday I took them to Five Guys Burgers and Fries for a “Good Luck at School” lunch.  Tom doesn’t really care for it, and they both really like it, so it was the perfect outing.

We three sat there and laughed and laughed.  It was great fun.  Then, Mark gave Karen “words of wisdom” about middle school.  That’s when I almost cried.  Here were my two babies, talking about middle school.  He was explaining the lunch procedure (which, as I recall, was the one thing he was most nervous about when he was entering 6th grade), and she had tons of questions. 

THIS is why I wanted to do this.  I wanted my kids to get a chance to sit down and talk like two human beings about things that were important to them.  They get along so well (for the most part), and this was a time for Mark to be the “older brother” that I knew he’d always be.  Nurturing, caring, and wise.  She was hanging on to every word he said.  Asking questions that she might not have been comfortable asking anyone else.  And, there was no rolling of the eyes during the entire conversation.  Has to be a world record.  For both of them.

I am so blessed.

Comments on: "Now THAT’S Why I’m a Mom!" (3)

  1. migrainequeen said:

    This brought tears to my eyes. You are, indeed, fortunate to have two children that are SO VERY special, but why shouldn’t they be? You have passed your loving, caring traits right on to them and they are just following in your footsteps. What a blessing their children will receive. I love you!

  2. Lorraine said:

    What a wonderful mother – taking your children out for lunch & LAUGHING with your kids and they are forming such a strong bond – all essential to weather life’s ups and downs. I continue to be amazed by your gifts. You all are blessed!

  3. Beth Bridwell said:

    I pray all of the time that my kid(s) turn out as great as Mark and Karen. You are such a wonderful mom 🙂 Such an inspiration to me!

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