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Go Spartans!

That’s what a man shouted out to me yesterday at the Post Office.  “Go Spartans!”  I turned around and gave him a thumbs up, and turned back around and grinned.

My high school mascot was a Colt (yes, a baby horse.  very intimidating, isn’t it?  Why didn’t they just call us the Puppies?), and my college mascot was a Bear (much better, thank goodness).  So why “Go Spartans?”

Because I bought a Michigan State jacket at a close-out sale at a store called Steve and Barry’s in Joplin, MO last year after Christmas.  It was something like a ridiculous $7.  A nice letter jacket.  Nice and warm.  They had all sorts of colleges, but Michigan State offered the least obnoxious colors.  My apologies to those of you that attended a “colorful” university.  If I had gone to University of Illinois, I would have bought that jacket.  Bright orange sleeves and all.  But, I was just looking for a warm jacket.

But, I never anticipated the reactions I would get by wearing it.  I had one guy accuse me of being a fair-weathered fan, since last year their basketball team was doing well.  I laughed and explained that I didn’t even follow college basketball and explained that I’d just gotten a good deal on this jacket. 

After several encounters just like that, I decided to come up with a story that was shorter than “Well, you see, I got it for a really good price and it was the least obnoxious of all the other ones there.”  So now I just say, “Yes, my nephew goes there.”  They don’t know my oldest nephew is 15.  Just call him Doogie Howser.

Go Spartans!


Comments on: "Go Spartans!" (2)

  1. LOVE it! Totally sounds like something I would make up and tell people. Great way to handle it!

  2. I remember you telling me the jacket story and wishihg that I had been with you to buy the Illinois jacket. Go Illilni!!!

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