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Going Postal

As part of our Dave Ramsey money-makeover, I searched the house for items to sell on eBay.  It hasn’t been a huge money-maker for us, but every little bit helps.  Plus, I’m getting this stuff outta here!

One of the items we sold was a video game.  The buyer had asked what the shipping would be to Canada.  I looked it up online and replied that I would mail it there for $5.  While I was at Dierberg’s today, I realized there was a UPS store inside.  So, I took my package in there, and asked the guy how much it would cost.  He measured it, typed in all sorts of data, and replied, “$18.56.”  WHAT!?!??!  I said, “Seriously?  That’s the cheapest?”  “Yep.”  I grabbed the box and said, “Uh, no way.  I’m not paying that.  I’ll come up with some other way.”  He gave me such a funny look.  I said, “That’s more than the item is worth!”  And, then I left.

I headed over to the good ol’ Post Office and took a deep breath.  Did I plug in the wrong numbers online?  Was this eBay deal going to end up costing me money?

The woman behind the counter told me I’d have to fill out a customs form.  I said, “Before I do that, can you tell me how much it is going to be?”  She put it on the scale and said, “$5.01.”  YES!  I said, “I went to that other store and it was going to cost me $18!”  Her eyes got really big and she just shook her head.  I said, “I KNOW!”  🙂

So, “What can Brown do for you?”  Charge you up the wazoo!

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  1. Those UPS stores are really expensive–if you ever need to ship UPS, you can go to Earth City and ship directly. The store fronts have a huge mark up–Parrish figured this out–he has a UPS account for work and he can have the UPS driver come to the house, pickup the package and take it on its merry way for way less than the store–unbelievable!

  2. Actually the UPS Store doesn’t charge more than taking it to a UPS customer counter. But if you have an account number it can be cheaper. Small stuff is usually cheaper at the PO but over 5 or 6 lbs, UPS is usually cheaper.

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