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Happy Birthday to My Brother

It’s a bittersweet day for me.  My little brother turns 40 today.

Why bittersweet, Michelle?  No, friends, he’s not dead.  I just haven’t talked to him in over 5 years. 

After he got married and had a baby, his wife turned into a complete B****.  And, yes I meant for that to be a capital “B.”  She wasn’t always like this.  She was fun to be around before they got married.  After that, she changed slightly.  But after their first son was born, WHAMMO!  She pretty much refuses to let our family (grandparents included) visit.  Or let my brother visit us.  In fact, the last time my brother came, was when my dad had a heart attack and a five-way bypass 5 1/2 years ago.  Even then, his wife made him feel guilty for spending more than a day here.  She is of a different religion, and even though he doesn’t feel like that plays a part in all of this, from what I’ve read, it is classic behavior on her part.

Yes, my brother is an adult.  She just makes his life miserable if we even entertain the idea of visiting or try to contact him.  He does call my parents about once a week from work, and has been doing that for a couple of years.

They have 2 sons.  One is in Kindergarten, and we only saw him when he was a month old.  That was NOT a pleasant visit.  (We were allowed to visit only 2 hours each day.  Nice.)  It was even worse when my parents went the next week.  It’s a 10 hour drive from here to visit.  They have another son that just turned three and we’ve never seen him.

Normally, his birthday comes, and I think about him a little, then push him from my mind because it’s been so long.  But, today is different.  As I sit here with tears in my eyes, I remember our last conversation.  It was two days ago.  My dad went back into the hospital after his cardiologist sent him to the ER.  My mom contacted my brother, and then he called me to give me his home phone number.  I didn’t even recognize his voice.  It really tore me up.  I kept saying, “Your voice sounds so different.” 

It just made me realize how much I’ve missed him and how time has really flown.

Prayers are going up daily.  I pray for my parents to be able to see him soon.  I pray that he has the guts to stand up to his wife.  I pray for guidance as to what to do to help him.

I just have to keep reminding myself that God is in control.

A Cure for the Mondays

Today’s Monday Pick-Me-Up comes from the creative mind of the public. 

Rolfrazzi is a site that posts pictures of celebrities and challenges viewers/readers to create their own captions.  (Or the reader can create their own)  Sometimes they are shots of famous tv or movie scenes and other times they are publicity shots at award shows. 

I haven’t gone through even half of the pages yet (as of now there are 259), but that’s what I’m planning to do today.  What are you going to get accomplished?

Celebrate the Holiday!

President’s Day.  Ahhh yes.  The parades!  The streamers!  The cake!  Oh.  no.  Wait.  This is just a day off for kids, banks, and postal workers.

And, a day to waste on the computer, especially if you are at work and bitter about being there when other people actually slept in this morning!

Visit this link to celebrate our Founding Fathers.  And, then go to the Home page and just enjoy the creativity.  Add yourself to the mix, if you’d like!

The One Bug that I Don’t Mind

Anyone who knows me for longer than a few minutes knows how much I hate bugs.  ESPECIALLY hard-shelled ones.  (shudder)

But, thankfully, this is not a post about that type of bug.  Or the flu bug.  (not a fan of that one either.)

This is the acting bug, my friends.

Ever since last summer when I played Mrs. Gloop in Willy Wonka, I have searched for opportunities to be on stage.  It was such a great experience that I didn’t want it to end!

Unfortunately, this past fall brought too many scheduling conflicts to allow me to audition for any of the local plays/musicals.  But, this winter I have auditioned three times now.  And, no, I didn’t get a part in any of the plays, but what I realized is that I don’t care!  I just enjoy auditioning. 

It’s true!  As I explained to Karen this morning, it’s like getting permission to play pretend.  On a stage!  And, then when you aren’t auditioning, you are getting to watch other people perform for free!  How great is that?

Sure, I find myself critiquing the performances,  (particularly those that are vying for the same part as I) but I also learn a lot.  When I auditioned for a play last night, I watched these older women audition and I tried to pick out what exactly made them “older” aside from their silver hair.  I found they seem to drag their words out a little longer than the younger actresses.  Took their time, you might say.  Interesting.

I also sit and try to determine who the director will choose.  There was one audition, when I knew hands-down who was going to be cast in a role.  She was amazing.  She just simply “became” that person!  I had the good fortune of reading with her, and it was so much fun! 

And, for the record, when I go onstage to accept my Tony award someday, I am going to thank Sherry, my Willy Wonka director.  As she said, “I will always feel responsible for creating the theater “monster” that you have become.  Monster meaning most amazing, beautiful, and talented lady ever!” 

I’ll let you know if I ever land a part.  But, until then, I really, truly am enjoying the ride!

Cure for the Case of the Mondays

Another “wasted” day went to this site. 

But, is a day wasted when you spend it laughing?  And, praising God you don’t live with these people?

All Things Work Out in the End

This week some interesting things went a different way than I expected, but in the end it all worked out. 

On Thursday nights I usually have Living Water band practice.  But, this week there was a special  Hispanic Ministry meeting at another church, so I had to miss.  There just happened to be a new member of our congregation who offered to fill in on the drums whenever we needed someone.  So, Dale (our fearless leader) suggested that the “new guy” come to practice in my place this week. 

As I was planning our Sunday School lessons for this week, I ran into a snag.  There were three videos to choose from and I didn’t have ONE!  I could have driven several miles to two different libraries to get them.  Ugh.  I called my dear friend and co-teacher, and read the titles to her.  She said, “Oh!  I have The Secret Garden!”  This one video would solve all of our issues! 

Friday night, Karen got the flu and was sick all night.  Yesterday, she still ran a fever in the afternoon, so I knew that she wouldn’t be going to Sunday School or church, and that someone would have to stay home with her.  Normally, Tom would be the one, since I always have lots of responsibilities on Sundays.  But, this Sunday, Tom was scheduled to count offering.

It was then I realized that all my responsibilities were already taken care of!  Someone was already filling in for me on the drums, and my co-teacher for Sunday School was already planning on doing the majority of our lesson!  How cool was that?  On Thursday night, I remembered feeling as though missing the band practice was “meant to be.”

 I wasn’t all that surprised.  After all, this has happened to me several times before. 

One particular time sticks out in my mind.  My neighbor’s mother passed away and the funeral was going to be in Indiana.  Another neighbor and I were going to go up for the funeral.  I had this strange feeling for the days leading up to the funeral that I didn’t need to think too much about going, because I wouldn’t be attending.

Just one day before the funeral, I found out my dad had been taken to the hospital with chest pains.  I knew in my heart that it was very serious even before I got to the hospital.  God had already prepared me for it.  This would be the reason I would not be going to the funeral.  Sure enough, my dad ended up needing a five-way bypass.  (He’s doing just great now.  Five years later!) 

So, God always has a plan.  Sometimes the things are little, like a Sunday’s plans, and sometimes they are big, like a heart attack.  But, I love these “God sightings.”  They remind me that God is truly here all the time.  And, if I’m quiet enough, I just might hear His comforting voice saying, “Hey, I’ve got it all under control.”

Quotable Quotes

I’ve been fairly sporadic with blogging.  Many of my fellow bloggers have made New Year’s Resolutions to blog more often in 2010.  I’m among them, I just didn’t put it in writing.

My cousin, Dawn, made the resolution to take a picture every day of the year.  I KNOW I’m not that ambitious.  My dear friend, Liz, has a wonderful blog and has given each day of the work week a theme.  I’m not quite that ambitious either.  But, she did come up with an idea for me – blog about things I hear people say that either make my jaw drop or make me laugh. 

So, here we go.

If you are going to fight someone, I want it to be the Nazis. 

        – in reference to the last Indiana Jones movie versus the earlier ones. 

That was back in typewriter days.

       – in reference to my thinking that there should be two spaces after the end of a sentence.  Ouch.

He doesn’t even read FICTION!

       – Quickly explained the mindset of someone we knew.

And, finally, overheard on the streets of New Orleans…

That’s all we cook is Italian s**t.

Papi’s Pizza and Subs

Yum yum yum yum!

My friend and I went to Papi’s for lunch last week.  They have lunch deals, and for $6 you can have a salad and soda, a pizza and soda, or a sandwich and soda.  DELICIOUS! 

So yummy that I took my family there for dinner that same night!  The kids and I split the family meal deal which was a large 2 topping pizza, salad, and breadsticks all for $19.99.  Tom got a small pizza for himself.  (He likes lots of stuff on his pizza.)  We all ate the salad, which was HUGE and the breadsticks and pizza were delicious!  We couldn’t eat it all.  They make their own crust and breadsticks. 

The desserts are awesome too!  The ice cream tastes homemade, the cookies are as big as a kid’s head, and they have FUNNEL FRIES!!!!!!!!  I cannot say enough about the FUNNEL FRIES!!!!!!  It’s like eating at 6 Flags without the overpriced admission and 93 birds flocking around you, hoping for a bite.

I highly recommend this place.  By going there you support our local merchants, support the local economy, and it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Give it a try next time you are in the Wildwood area.  I’ll probably be there too.  🙂

Mend Your Mundane Mondays

Here’s your web site for this week!

This site shows strange and funny “suggestions” when you begin to enter words into the Google search bar. 

WARNING:  this site may contain inappropriate material.  But, the entries are usually just plain funny.

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