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Quotable Quotes

I’ve been fairly sporadic with blogging.  Many of my fellow bloggers have made New Year’s Resolutions to blog more often in 2010.  I’m among them, I just didn’t put it in writing.

My cousin, Dawn, made the resolution to take a picture every day of the year.  I KNOW I’m not that ambitious.  My dear friend, Liz, has a wonderful blog and has given each day of the work week a theme.  I’m not quite that ambitious either.  But, she did come up with an idea for me – blog about things I hear people say that either make my jaw drop or make me laugh. 

So, here we go.

If you are going to fight someone, I want it to be the Nazis. 

        – in reference to the last Indiana Jones movie versus the earlier ones. 

That was back in typewriter days.

       – in reference to my thinking that there should be two spaces after the end of a sentence.  Ouch.

He doesn’t even read FICTION!

       – Quickly explained the mindset of someone we knew.

And, finally, overheard on the streets of New Orleans…

That’s all we cook is Italian s**t.


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