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This week some interesting things went a different way than I expected, but in the end it all worked out. 

On Thursday nights I usually have Living Water band practice.  But, this week there was a special  Hispanic Ministry meeting at another church, so I had to miss.  There just happened to be a new member of our congregation who offered to fill in on the drums whenever we needed someone.  So, Dale (our fearless leader) suggested that the “new guy” come to practice in my place this week. 

As I was planning our Sunday School lessons for this week, I ran into a snag.  There were three videos to choose from and I didn’t have ONE!  I could have driven several miles to two different libraries to get them.  Ugh.  I called my dear friend and co-teacher, and read the titles to her.  She said, “Oh!  I have The Secret Garden!”  This one video would solve all of our issues! 

Friday night, Karen got the flu and was sick all night.  Yesterday, she still ran a fever in the afternoon, so I knew that she wouldn’t be going to Sunday School or church, and that someone would have to stay home with her.  Normally, Tom would be the one, since I always have lots of responsibilities on Sundays.  But, this Sunday, Tom was scheduled to count offering.

It was then I realized that all my responsibilities were already taken care of!  Someone was already filling in for me on the drums, and my co-teacher for Sunday School was already planning on doing the majority of our lesson!  How cool was that?  On Thursday night, I remembered feeling as though missing the band practice was “meant to be.”

 I wasn’t all that surprised.  After all, this has happened to me several times before. 

One particular time sticks out in my mind.  My neighbor’s mother passed away and the funeral was going to be in Indiana.  Another neighbor and I were going to go up for the funeral.  I had this strange feeling for the days leading up to the funeral that I didn’t need to think too much about going, because I wouldn’t be attending.

Just one day before the funeral, I found out my dad had been taken to the hospital with chest pains.  I knew in my heart that it was very serious even before I got to the hospital.  God had already prepared me for it.  This would be the reason I would not be going to the funeral.  Sure enough, my dad ended up needing a five-way bypass.  (He’s doing just great now.  Five years later!) 

So, God always has a plan.  Sometimes the things are little, like a Sunday’s plans, and sometimes they are big, like a heart attack.  But, I love these “God sightings.”  They remind me that God is truly here all the time.  And, if I’m quiet enough, I just might hear His comforting voice saying, “Hey, I’ve got it all under control.”

Comments on: "All Things Work Out in the End" (2)

  1. yeah…I need to remember to listen more often…

  2. Amen! The hard part is giving up the illusion of control and let it be – let God. Thanks for a wonderful inspiring message.

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