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God at Work

Today’s Monday link is of a personal nature.  Mark was confirmed yesterday.  And as I mentioned in a previous post, his testimony was about my brother. 

When I read his testimony on Wednesday, I cried.  I told him it was amazing, and that he really has a gift of putting into words how he feels.  I also told him to be prepared for there to be tears in the congregation of those who know the situation.  He said, “I know.  I’m kind of expecting that.  In fact, I knew when I came down here and you read it today, that you would cry.” 

He wanted to make sure he wasn’t being “mean.”  I assured him he was not.  He said that he had thought of being more specific about the “personal issues,” but thought it best not to elaborate.

So, without further ado, I give you the link to his testimony

I am so proud of him.  I cried a little when he delivered the testimony, because I was amazed at what a strong Christian Mark is.  And, how I truly fall short.  My friend told me that Tom and I had built a strong foundation for him.  Thank you, Liz.  But, still I wondered how I would be able to prevent what happened with my brother to happen with Mark. 

Then, I remembered Mark’s verse.  And, I’m following Mark’s example.

Mrs. Clean

Yep.  I’m cleaning the house.  Thoroughly.

As I mentioned earlier, Mark’s Confirmation is this weekend.  We will be having 24 people here at the house for lunch afterward.  Which is great.  Really.  It is!  I’m honestly looking forward to it.

But, of course, before everyone arrives, we’ve got to clean this house.  As I was cleaning the inside of the china cabinet today, it hit me.  No one is going to notice that it’s clean.  No one.  (Yes, the majority of the people attending the luncheon read this blog.  No, I didn’t write this so you would notice the cleanliness of my china cabinet.)

What people do notice is when it’s not clean.  Would anyone have noticed that there was an inch (or so) of dust on the glass shelves?  Maybe not.  But, yeah, they probably would.

I’m sure I’m supposed to get satisfaction from having it clean, not relying on other people’s praise for gratification.  But, seriously, if it were up to me, I would have done something else. 

Actually, I did stand back and admire my work.  Turns out vinegar and water really do work great for cleaning glass.  There were no streaks and everything did seem to shine.  So, I am glad that I did it.  I’m glad that my dining room is picked up, dusted, and ready for company. 

Now, just 10 more rooms to go.  ugh.  Maybe I can just cram all 24 of them in the dining room.

Amount of Time on Mondays Spent on Internet

This would make a good graph.  Have you ever thought about pop culture topics in graph form?  If you have, then this graphing site is for you.

Some of them are really funny.  I like the infomercial one.  Some leave you scratching your head and thinking, “Wha?”  But, really they are worth taking a look at every once in awhile.  They don’t post as often as some other sites, so you can go once a week (maybe on a Monday.  Just a suggestion.).  Again, some are so clever. 

Some Titles to Choose from:

Chances that the Bad Guy You Just Shot a Bunch of Times is Really Dead

Feelings About Monopoly Over Time

What You Do When the Batteries on the TV Remote Die

And, finally, one about what you are doing on the internet when you are not reading my blog.

Let Go. Let God.

Amazing what those four words can do.  Powerful.  Trust me.

I’ve been trying to get in touch with my brother regarding his attendance at Mark’s confirmation.  I sent him an email weeks ago, letting him know that his godson was already 14 and it was time for his confirmation.

No response.

Yesterday, I called him at work (since we are not allowed to call him at home), and he didn’t answer his cell phone or his work phone.  So, I left a message.  Very nice.  “I really need to talk to you.  Will you give me a call on my cell phone when you get a chance to talk?”

No reponse.

I called again this morning.  Again, voice mail.  “Look.  I really need to talk to you.  Call me.”  Then, I checked my email, and he’d written me and said that he would be available for one hour today.  Which, of course, had already passed.  Not his fault, really.  He wrote that he’d be in and out tomorrow.  I wrote back to call me when he had a chance.

This has been weighing on me for such a long time.  Down doesn’t even begin to describe this.  The pressure to say the “right thing” is huge.  I’ve been praying that God will give me the right words to say.  I just haven’t had to chance to say ANYTHING!

Mark is going to write his testimony about my brother.  His testimony is based on his Confirmation verse, Proverbs 3:5 “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.”  His take on that verse is that he hasn’t seen my brother in a long time, and he doesn’t know why, but he knows God has a plan.  Do I mention that to my brother?  Or will that scare him off?  Or make him realize how important he really is to Mark?

So, while driving around this morning, I prayed, “God, I can’t deal with this anymore.  Can you take it from me?’  BAM!  Instant peace.  I swear.  Or promise, whatever.  I assure you this is the truth. 

This doesn’t mean it’s gone from my mind.  It’s still there, but the sinking feeling, the anxiety, the general feeling of ickiness is gone.  Completely disappeared.

Why did I wait so long to call on God?  He’s got it.

Free Shipping? Missed It by That Much!

Other than a trip to Office Max, I really don’t like to shop.  That’s why I love to shop online. 

I’ve shopped Amazon since the beginning of time, it seems.  (Should have bought stock in it.)  I remember telling Tom all about this cool site that sold just about everything!  (Yep.  Should have bought stock.)

Amazon often has free shipping with a certain total.  Usually $25.  You even get that happy little notice that says, “Wait!  Add $2.95 of eligible items in order to qualify for Super Saver Free Shipping.”  Ugh.  I then search for things that I might want for under $5, which isn’t easy.  I’m searching blind.

Someone decided to help those of us that love Amazon and love free shipping!  Find an item at  Just type in the amount you are short of free shipping, and you get a loooong list of items that are that amount, or just slightly over.  They even put popular items in bold-face type.  I was shocked at how many items were available for $1.95!

So, next time you are shopping at Amazon, check it out!  I’m on my way right now!

A No Smoking Sign on Your Cigarette Break

Alanis Morissette wrong an entire song about irony.  And, this web site is chock full of them.  My son shared it with me.  (shocker.) 

I do wonder if some of them are photo-shopped, though.  It doesn’t really matter, because enough of them obviously aren’t, so they are worth a look.

Add another site to my RSS Feed.

It’s All Trivial

This weekend Tom and I attended two trivia nights.  We LOVE trivia.  Last night was our 17th wedding anniversary, and we both were thrilled to spend it at our church playing trivia.  (Even though we got 3rd place.  Lost by 2 points!)

The night before, we attending the local elementary school’s trivia night.  It was an 80’s theme, so we were prepared to wipe the place up!  We got 3rd. (There was a tie for first, and then came our table.) 

We love trivia nights because we tend to store a lot of trivia in our brains, so it’s nice to know it can be of some use.  And, there are always one or two jokes that are created at our table that last the whole evening, and make us all laugh until we are crying.

The funniest thing happened on the way home from the 80’s Trivia Night.  There was a guy at our table that I didn’t know, and he was a boyfriend of one of the women at our table.  Turns out he is 25.  Okay, I can handle that.  Until we realized (again, on the way home) that that meant he was born in 1985.  BORN!!!!!!!!  It was EIGHTIES trivia!  He wasn’t even alive for HALF of the decade.  The other half he wasn’t even able to talk!   ha

I always try to come home with at least one piece of trivia that I can remember.  So, you may now benefit from my warped brain.

  • The praying mantis is the only insect that can turn its head.
  • Baby’s name in Dirty Dancing was Frances.

When was the Civil War, Michelle?  I don’t know but the girl characters’ names from Bosom Buddies were Buffy and Hildegarde.  😉

Happy Anniversary!

Nope.  Not a wedding anniversary.  (That is Saturday, if you are keeping track.  17 years.)

It’s the anniversary of my hysterectomy.  Actually, it was yesterday, I guess.  I didn’t even think about it until my dear friend, Liz sent me a happy anniversary message on Facebook.  I had to laugh.

What a great choice that surgery was, though.  My life has changed so much and all for the better!  I didn’t realize how much that part of me was wreaking havoc in my life until it was no longer a factor. 

Since I tend to post when things aren’t going well physically, I thought I’d treat us all to a happy moment in the life of Zuzu!  🙂

My Eyes! My Eyes!!!!!!!!

I have always been fascinated by optical illusions.  I don’t know how many of those Magic Eye books I owned, but I loved them.  And would gasp every time the image would come into view.

Today’s Monday site is devoted to optical illusions.  And, the cool thing about this site is that it actually tries to explain to you why the illusion works.  And, you are able to make changes to the illusions so that they don’t work any more.  Or that an image spins faster. 

My eyes are truly having trouble focusing on this screen right now because I watched way too many at once.  So try them in moderation.  Or prepare to spend the day seeing things move in bizarre ways.  (Oh, if you get car sick, you should avoid a few of these.)

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