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Sick as a Dog

Okay, what does that even mean?  Are dogs sicker than other animals?  I’m not an animal person, so I truly have no idea.

But, yeah, I’m sick with the flu today.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, and I was actually planning on being outside with the family (which is really a big deal for me because I really enjoy being inside with all the windows open.  I justify that is it almost like being outdoors.).  But, here I am stuck in bed with the window open wishing I were outside.

Being sick stinks.  I really don’t like the stuff you are supposed to eat to make yourself feel better.  Can’t stand tea.  Blech.  But, I got a headache from the flu or the lack of caffeine so I drank a cup.  Bananas.  Not my favorite, but Tom got me some, so I ate one.  Saltines.  Mom always has these on hand so she dropped a sleeve by.  (My mom really does always have them.  In fact, my kids have called them “Nannie Crackers” since they could talk.)  Now, I don’t do jello or 7-Up.  So, I’ve done what I can.  We’ll let the body do the rest.

Being in bed these days isn’t so bad, though.  I’ve done a few crossword puzzles and read a book.  Even though we don’t have cable, I have the next best thing (or maybe even a better thing)…my laptop.  I’ve watched this week’s Grey’s Anatomy and several episodes of Lie to Me on Instant Netflix.  I’ve kept up on Facebook, and played a few games.  Thanks to Tom for setting it up in our room.

 I’ve also thought of a thousand random thoughts that I wondered if I should blog about.  But, I decided not to.  There wasn’t much to blog about.  Just one sentence thoughts.  Like, what’s the difference between muffins and cupcakes?  Just icing?

Yeah, I think I’ll save you from that.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Comments on: "Sick as a Dog" (3)

  1. I know you follow Modern Family…but have you watched Parenthood(the tv show)? If not, it might be worth checking out while you can’t do much of anything. Plus, I’ve heard laughter is good medicine. 🙂
    Love ya & Happy Easter!

  2. OK, I know you probably don’t really care about the answer to this, but here it is anyway: The difference between a cupcake and a muffin is the paper liner. A muffin does not require one and a cupcake does. This comes from “The Cupcake Doctor”, one of my favorite books! But generally I think you’re right – muffins tend to not have frosting, although they can and I would never be one to object! Feel better!

  3. Hope you feel better.

    Your Uncle Darrell calls them all muffins. To me a muffin is something you
    eat with a meal and a cupcake is dessert, or a cake with icing.

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