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The Acting Career, Part Deux

I just finished up my second play ever,  “Anne of Green Gables.” 

Mrs. Spencer and her "well-behaved" children

I had a very small part, but I truly made the best of it.  I loved every minute that I spent with the cast and crew, and had an amazing director that was always open to ideas.  Plus, she complimented me on my messed up hair.  (I played a frazzled mom.  So, instead of working hard to make my hair look nice, I pulled it up and then just messed it up.  (I even had my “daughters” in the play take turns making it a mess.)  

I also made some new friends.  Shocking, I know.  And, I learned a lot about the backstage goings-on, thanks to my new friend, Jovanna.  (Love that name)  She was the Stage Manager. 

Something else I learned, and I wish everyone would learn this, is to talk to everyone in the cast and crew.  No matter how large your role, you are not above the other cast members. 

I don’t care if you are old enough to be their mom, or grandmother.  TALK TO THEM!  It’s just plain polite, not to mention that you may be snubbing the next Kristin Chenowith.
There you go.  Your lesson for the day. 
I’ll remember to tell that one to James Lipton when I’m on Inside the Actor’s Studio. 


Where Have You Been, Young Lady?

I just realized I haven’t posted in over a month, and of course, it wasn’t just a random post, it was one about my bipolar issues.  Sorry for the alarm.  I’m good now.  now.

I tried the Lithium.  meh.  After seeing my therapist, he recommended going to the full dose of Lamictal.  He said he was conservative, though.  I thought, “Dude, no one is more conservative than I am!”  So, long story short, I ditched the Lithium and went on 400 mg of Lamictal.  Yeah!  We have a winner!  My moods have stabilized.

Thought I’d keep you all up-to-date on that stuff first.  The rest of the week I will catch you up on the rest of my life in the past month.

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