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For thsoe of us without a GPS, we still have to negotiate our way to a new location.  Yep.  The old fashioned way.

Many of us use MapQuest or Google Maps, but I’d like to tell you about a different site that really made appreciate the internet that much more.

Bing Maps is fantastic for someone like me.  When I was trying to get to a new friend’s house, I printed off the directions, and was pleasantly surprised to see a feature that the aforementioned web sites, do not include landmarks as part of their directions.  That is a HUGE Bonus to me.  It’s how I give out directions, but not necessarily (Past the QT, across from Dairy Queen). 

So, next time you are looking for a place, trying Bing Maps!

Comments on: "Monday Web Site – Driving" (1)

  1. zuzuernie said:

    After reading this post, I think it is obvious that I was falling asleep while writing it. Apologies to my readers. LOL!

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