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Okay, I See the Irony

Last night, Tom and I went to the high school Open House.  Mark’s Spanish teacher had a misspelled word on her wall.  I pointed it out to Tom, and rolled my eyes.  He said, “Yeah, I read your blog.  But, did you even proofread your post from the day before?”  I replied, “Yes.  I fell asleep.”  He said, “You could tell.”  ha

 But, if you read the comments, I acknowledged that it made no sense.  But, I guess not everyone reads the comments.  So I’m letting you know, yes, I get it.  We can’t always get it right.  But, honestly.  If you are a teacher, and you are putting up posters around your room…Oh forget it.  I give up.  No, I can’t.  USE SPELL CHECK FOR PETE’S SAKE! No excuses!  Use the technology you’ve been given!!!!


Comments on: "Okay, I See the Irony" (2)

  1. TOO funny! That Tom pointed out your spelling errors!
    I, too, hate it when things in public view are misspelled! Guess it is the teacher in me. 🙂

    • zuzuernie said:

      Oh, seriously, that post was SO out there! I’m glad I was just falling asleep and not drunk! It certainly could have gone either way reading that thing!

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