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When you cast a b-list, or heaven forbid an a-list, performer in some kind of crime drama, we already know that actor is the guilty party. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be on the show for just a scene or two. Their parts will have to be significant, and therefore, they are the killer/robber/kidnapper.

As much as I hate to admit it, when I saw Andrew McCarthy (sigh) on Monk, I knew immediately he was “the one that did it.” Yes, that pretty-boy face was indeed guilty. awww.


Comments on: "Oh, and One More Thing, Hollywood…" (2)

  1. Andrew McCarthy’s face is a touch ferret-y. I recently rewatched Pretty in Pink and felt the urge to slap his slack jaw. I got over it.

  2. Do NOT tell Suzanne she missed Andrew McCarthy!

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