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Look What I Found!

Ever find a note left inside a library book? (Sometimes the note is more interesting than the book itself!)

I love to read other people’s notes. Not people I know, necessarily, but just random notes. I think about what the story is behind those notes. I wonder if the recipient got the note, or if it was misplaced before anyone even received it.

Now, I found a site just for people like me, and I don’t even have to leave the house to read the notes!

Check out Found Magazine online! So much fun. There are lists of “what to do when in Las Vegas,” short notes to mom that will make you laugh, pros and cons lists, etc.

I love this site even more because people write where they found the notes. A Hobby Lobby parking lot, an old desk bought at a thrift store, and this was the explanation for a picture of two boys that was posted: We found this while cleaning out under our couch cushions one day. Nobody in my family has ever seen either one of these kids in our lives. We have no idea how this picture got into our couch.

I hope you will enjoy the site as much as I do. Well, maybe not as much as I do, because then you’ll be wasting as much time as I am!

(Oh, and sometimes (as with most things on the internet) the notes are not always “family-friendly” so proceed with caution, but I would say 90% is fine and dandy, and just plain fun.)

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