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She’s Baaaack!

When I heard the news, I thought of you, my readers.  The neighbor that called me “Nancy” is back! After 3 1/2 years, she returns!  Not next door to me, but a couple of houses away. What are the odds? She’s divorced the guy she married and moved back into the neighborhood.

I’m sure it’s because of the warm fuzzies all her neighbors gave her.  She wasn’t a bad neighbor (I’m assuring my friend who is now her next door neighbor), she’s just very self-centered. And, we used to worry that she would just drop her kids off at our house while she went shopping or something. (Yes, that really did happen to my other neighbor) But, now that her kids are older, I’m sure she’ll just leave them at home. Oh, wait. I forgot. She had another kid with her now ex-husband. Well, I’m sure she won’t drop off the wee one at our houses. (Especially if I don’t answer the door!)

I wonder if I should bake some cookies and sign them, “From, Nancy.” Nah, I think I’ll let that sleeping dog lie. She’s got herself a new Nancy now!

Comments on: "She’s Baaaack!" (3)

  1. I am not and will not be the new “Nancy”!! 🙂

  2. I’m too far away, but my oh my. Perhaps there’s been a leaf-turning? Good thoughts, good thoughts………

  3. I’m just glad that YOU are back to blogging!!!
    Love ya!!

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