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Little Engine that Could

I think I can, I think I can.

I made several New Year’s resolutions.  Most of which didn’t make it past the end of the first week of January.  But, I’ve stuck to one, and I’m almost there!  With 75% of the year passed, I think I might just make it.

My resolution was to not comment or post on anything political on Facebook.  There were several reasons I decided to go this route.  First of all, I just get too wrapped up into all of it, and I find myself gritting my teeth.  Who needs that? Secondly, let’s be honest here.  No one really gets into a debate on there with an open mind.  Then it is just spitting back and forth until someone (me) gets hurt.  Who needs that? And, third, I really feel like Facebook is for fun, light-hearted topics.  Sure, go ahead and whine and moan about your job.  That probably feels good to get that off your chest! Yes, your husband is a dork for sitting around while you vacuum under his feet.

Look, I have to respect those of my friends that feel so passionately about their stand, that they have to post it online. It’s obviously a big deal to you, and you must let the whole world know. 

Honestly, though, start a blog, and quit stirring up trouble on Facebook.  (Oh, and, yeah, I just skip past those posts and links anyway, people.)

Visiting the Past

The start of the school year usually brings joy into the hearts of many moms.  “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is not just for Christmas anymore, my friends.

This year has been off to a rocky start.  My emotions are all over the place.  But, lots of anxiety and some crying spells.  “What is up with that?” I’ll ask myself.  Often.

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a job.  An opportunity has presented itself and I have been giving it some serious thought.  But, my mental/emotional state has seemed to have put the kibosh on it.  I keep wondering, “Is it temporary?  Is it something that isn’t going to get better unless I take some action?” 

Then it hit me.  This seemed to have a little “deja vu” ring to it.

I decided to see if I happened to mention this time period in my blog last year.  Lo and behold, sure enough, there it was.  September 2008 I was having a tough time. 

Good news all around.  You see, as I read it, I realized that last year was ten times worse.  YES!  This ain’t so bad.  AND, it was temporary.  I’ve lived to tell about it.  It didn’t require an increase in medication.  Just some meditation and time.

Thank you,!

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