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Still Flying High

I never expected this high from the NYG to last this long.  I expected it to be a short-term thing, and then reality would set in.  So far, it hasn’t.  Well, reality is there, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting me like it usually does.  (aka, bringing me down, freaking me out, stress) Sure, there have been stressful moments, but they seem pretty short-lived.  I just keep thinking about how much God loves me.  And what a great friend he is.  I’m never alone.  That is awesome.

I’ve also given a lot of thought to the type of person I appear to be. I try to reference God at least once a day.  To someone. I want the world to know that I LOVE JESUS and that GOD is the reason I can get up everyday and know that I can handle whatever life throws my way.

An example of this new-ish attitude has been noted by the members of the cast and crew of the musical I am in. Everyone has really cleaned up their language.  The director stated at the beginning of rehearsals that he cusses a lot, and if any of us had a problem with it, he would try to refrain.  I didn’t say anything, but just never used any of those words, and often wore a religious shirt. (Not necessarily on purpose.  I just have a lot of those) I even had one of the cast ask me how long I’d been involved in my church, what kinds of things I do there, etc. 

I’ve been trying to be a Christian, not just call myself one. After being around 25,000 youth that were charged up about being a Christian, it’s hard not to jump in and join them!

Hannah Who?

This is what greeted me at church on Sunday!

Ms. Montana, eat your heart out!

This was after they had stood on the curb and screamed and cheered when I got out of the car.  After I’d walked about 10 steps they came running out into the parking lot and mobbed me with hugs.  In the second picture, you can see some adults that were cheering, but chose not to run into the parking lot.  And, then more kids came running after I took the pictures.  You should have seen the older adults walking into church!  They would turn around and look to see who these kids were so excited about seeing!  I think it was pretty obvious that it was the chick behind them with the red face.

Several of the kids started the MFFC (Michelle Farmer Fan Club) after I sang a solo in church years ago.  Now that I play drums, etc. they really get into it.  But, honestly, the feeling that I’ve somehow made a connection with these kids makes me feel just fabulous.

It was an amazing feeling.  God has blessed me so much.  People throw out the term “church family” a lot these days, but I will tell you the truth from my standpoint.  Coming back Sunday to all those kids, and then bunches of kids and adults inside that were so happy to see me, truly felt like coming home. 

Now, if they had just had my slippers and pipe ready for me…

God Provides

I am halfway through helping direct VBS.  It hasn’t been easy, but I am loving it.  The pastor’s wife said to me today, “I am so glad you are the one in here (the office).  I just couldn’t do that kind of thing.”  Wow.  To me, this woman is amazing.  She is teaching music to the little 3 year olds up to the 11 year olds.  And she does such a great job!  Our theme is Cosmic City and I walked through there one day and she was teaching the words to little kids by putting different pieces on a rocket ship as they learned them.  She is so creative. 

But, today she helped me realize that God gives us all different gifts.  And, it is up to us to find out what they are and use them to His glory.  Considering my bipolar issues, I was tempted to sit this VBS out, for fear of having a setback.  I just couldn’t do it.  I was offered the position of just managing the week by composing and sending out daily newsletters, making sure everyone has what they need, putting out fires (not literally), and generally being the go-to gal.  That was right up my alley.  I was shocked that the others on the Steering Team didn’t want to do it.  And, after talking with my therapist, I realized I could do it.  I had to give up a lot of control, which wasn’t easy, but the motivation was there.  🙂  And, amazingly, things got done without me worrying about them!  (How is that possible?!?!)

I even had a mom say to me, “Hey!  I thought you said 3 years ago you were done with doing this!  I remember it because I was so disappointed because you do such a great job!”  I only see this woman once every year, and yet she remembered me.  My own son said, “Mom, you do such a great job on VBS.  And, even though you are not completely in charge this year, it has the “Michelle Farmer touch” that makes it so great.”  Wow. 

God provides us with what we need.  The Bible verse yesterday was “The Lord will guide you always.  He will satisfy your needs.”  (Isaiah 58:11).  I’ve needed strength and rest to get me through this week, and God has definitely given it to me.  He’s also had my family looking out for me and reminding me to leave when I said I’d leave. 

We’ve seen others be provided for this week.  There is a woman who desperately wanted to help this week.  She has some major back issues.  After the first day, she was wiped out and really felt that maybe she shouldn’t continue.  There was another woman who felt called to come and help at VBS, had no specific job, but came anyway.  Yep.  You guessed it.  The two women became one person for the week.  The first woman is now able to enjoy her week with her grandchildren at VBS, and the second woman has a place where she is needed.

We also had a guy come who does not belong to our church, but his wife and daughter do.  He has helped all week with the financial stuff.  Donations for VBS, donations for our mission trip, a count for the luncheon on Friday, and keeping track of the bowling outing we’ve decided to tackle after the last day.  What a blessing he has been!  His talent is spreadsheets and finance.  He’s whipped up an excellent sheet to keep track of everything, and everything balances!  The great thing about this is, at this time he doesn’t have a job, but this has given him the opportunity to help and feel needed.  (Plus, I usually end up doing that job, and things don’t always balance when I’m done!  AND, I’d still be up at church counting money!)

So, God really does provide for us.  Just look for it in your daily life.  Our assistant pastor’s wife calls those sitings “God kisses.”  I like that.  And this week I feel VERY loved.

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