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Brother Against Brother

As a firm believer in public education, I still find myself wondering if my kids are really learning as much as I’d like them to.  Are they delving into a subject and able to understand more than just facts and figures that they then regurgitate for a test and promptly forget?  (Like their mother did?  Couldn’t explain half of what I “learned” in World History in high school.)

Karen is studying the Civil War in 5th grade for the rest of the year.  She says they are supposedly re-enacting it in class, but they really aren’t doing anything.  “It’s really boring.  We just fill out sheets in class together, and it takes FOREVER!”  She seems disappointed that it’s not all it was advertised to be.  And, I can understand that.

HOWEVER, she had a friend from school come home with her today.  And, the twin girls that live next door are also in 5th grade.  I could hear all four of them outside.  They were talking, and playing around.  Just the usual stuff.  Then, the tide changed.  All of a sudden, I hear, “We need to go find General Grant!”  “Yes, but what should we tell him?”  “We are going to see the mayor.”  “I found a musket!”  And, on and on. 

Could it possibly be true that Karen is truly learning about the Civil War?  More than just dates and names?  Wow!  My tax dollars really do make a difference!

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