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A New Day, a New Insight into Me

So far, so good.  My moods have been very stable the last few weeks and I am thrilled, to say the least.

Today I met with Kent, my therapist, and it was a long hour, honestly.  And, it was because I am doing so well.  YEAH!  I mean, we even had time to discuss Britney Spears and whether or not she was bipolar.  We came to the conclusion that she may be, but it was a drug-induced situation.  She has probably taken some kind of drug to keep her “hopping” since she started out, and, obviously, that’s not good.

Anyway, I wasn’t paying this guy to talk about Hollywood and its problems, but I will say that he told me an interesting tidbit.  Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame is bipolar.  And she says that both her marriages (including the one to James Cameron) broke up because she wouldn’t take her medicine.  See, one of the limits of being bipolar and on your meds is that you cannot be up 20 hours a day and live through it.  You pay for it.  Dearly.  So, there are those who go off their meds in order to be able to live that kind of lifestyle.  She was one of them.  She fought taking drugs for her manic depression for a long time.  It wasn’t until, as she described it, “I decided to become an adult,” that she took control and took her medication.

Obviously, no movie studio is asking me to work on a movie, so this has nothing to do with me, right?  Wrong.  I wasn’t working 20 hour days, but I was volunteering up the wazoo!  (You’ll have to go to WebMD to find out where that is located.)  Even when I wasn’t actually somewhere else volunteering, I was at home working on the things I was volunteering for.  Now, I know several people who can do way more than I did and live to tell about it.  I wasn’t some kind of SuperMom with a giant M on my supersuit.  But, I was doing WAY more than I should have been and really pushing the limits.

But, now my moods are stabilized.  Wow.  That only took….let’s see….math was never my strong suit….2 1/2 months?  Not bad.  It seemed forever.  And, I look back on it and it still seems like a long time.  So, now I have my moods in order, it’s time to continue to keep my life in order.  And that means a routine.  (Something I would have sworn I hated.  Turns out I had no idea what I hated.  Routine is AWESOME!)  It’s predictable.  I wouldn’t have lasted a day on The Island on “Lost” since you can’t predict what is going to happen after the commercial!  But, I have found that I do love routine. 

What else have I discovered?  I still do not like to talk on the phone.  (Weird, huh?  Those that know me would be very surprised at that.)  I also hate to listen to talk radio.  Not just the political shows, but even the light-hearted ones.  Too much noise.  What have I replaced it with?  K-SHE.  Classic Rock, baby!   I know, it scares me too.  I didn’t even listen to K-SHE in high school, when that’s what you were supposed to listen to!  (However, I did like Quiet Riot and Def Leppard)  But, Led Zepplin is amazing and really gets me in a great mood.  Even a little Black Sabbath here and there rocks my world.  ha!  It seems so bizarre to even write those band names.  (Not a big Pink Floyd fan, though)

Anyway, if you had time to look at yourself and how you have changed with your likes and dislikes, what would you find?  Meanwhile…I’m gonna rock and roll all night…and party every day….

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