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Mrs. Clean

Yep.  I’m cleaning the house.  Thoroughly.

As I mentioned earlier, Mark’s Confirmation is this weekend.  We will be having 24 people here at the house for lunch afterward.  Which is great.  Really.  It is!  I’m honestly looking forward to it.

But, of course, before everyone arrives, we’ve got to clean this house.  As I was cleaning the inside of the china cabinet today, it hit me.  No one is going to notice that it’s clean.  No one.  (Yes, the majority of the people attending the luncheon read this blog.  No, I didn’t write this so you would notice the cleanliness of my china cabinet.)

What people do notice is when it’s not clean.  Would anyone have noticed that there was an inch (or so) of dust on the glass shelves?  Maybe not.  But, yeah, they probably would.

I’m sure I’m supposed to get satisfaction from having it clean, not relying on other people’s praise for gratification.  But, seriously, if it were up to me, I would have done something else. 

Actually, I did stand back and admire my work.  Turns out vinegar and water really do work great for cleaning glass.  There were no streaks and everything did seem to shine.  So, I am glad that I did it.  I’m glad that my dining room is picked up, dusted, and ready for company. 

Now, just 10 more rooms to go.  ugh.  Maybe I can just cram all 24 of them in the dining room.

I’m Baaaaack!

Other than an occasional pain, I am now back to normal after the hysterectomy.  Should I tell Tom, since he’s expecting this to last for another week and a half?  Of course, I should.  He’s been awesome.

I know I’m back to normal when I started crabbing at everyone to pick up their stuff in the kitchen and family room.  Their was just stuff everywhere.  Biggest pet peeve:  when they put stuff on top of the dishwasher and don’t go that extra step to open the door and put it inside.  Oooh.  Yeah, that’s tough. 

Anyway, I was really irked.  I discussed it with Tom, and then got all teary, (which wasn’t fair) so I said, “You know.  Today is just not the day for this.”  And, then I started picking up all my stuff in the two rooms.  Still a pig sty, though.  Karen noticed that things were not going well, so she started picking up her stuff.  (She’s really been good at picking up on my moods and how to help.)

I was starting to get emotional again, so  just went up in my room with my coffee, and rocked in my rocking chair.  (I love rocking chairs.  I calm down much faster when a’rockin’.)  While rocking, I prayed.  I told God how irritated I was, but wanted Him to help soften my heart and remember how much help Tom has been in the past month.  And that this is NOT a big deal!

And, lo and behold, it worked!  I calmly went in and asked Mark to go pick up his stuff.  He did, and then I asked the two kids to come down with me and evaluate the cleanliness of the rooms.  They both had left stuff that wasn’t “their” stuff, but was stuff that they had used, but not put away.  Now, Tom had come down as well, which I hadn’t asked him to do.

I told all three of them that the reason we need to keep these areas clean is because they belong to all of us.  And, if we all just left everything lying around, then the place would look horrible, and we would all be embarrassed.  I asked the kids who they thought was going to put away the dishes that they left on top of the dishwasher.  Karen pointed at me.   Mark poined at Karen because her job is to load the dishwasher after it has been emptied.  Then, they both laughed nervously, and realized my point.

After all things had been put in their places, Tom and the kids went on a bike ride.  I was able to wipe the counters, shine the sink, sweep and mop the floor before I felt uncomfortable.  It felt so good!

Who knew that getting back to housework would be so gratifying?

Oscar the Grouch Welcome Here!

Oh my gosh.  I just spent an hour in the basement cleaning up my daughter’s side.  It was supposed to be a classroom for her to pretend to be a teacher.  But, trust me, this property would be condemned, if it were. 

I lugged out: 2 trash bags of trash, 1 bag of stuff for charity, and a large box of recycling items. 

The problem is…you can hardly tell I did anything!

Now, if I had asked her to do it, it would have been a disaster because she would have cleaned about 15 minutes and then start playing, thinking it was done.  Plus, she would have saved a lot that I threw away.  Papers, awards, papers, notebooks, papers, glue sticks, and more paper.  Geez!  I thought I had a paper problem!

My son’s side of the basement is entirely Legos.  He and his friend build towns and then shoot movies with the them.  Pretty cool.  But, he doesn’t want to put them in boxes or sort them or anything like that.  He just spreads them out on the floor so that he can see what he has.  I’m fine with that.  If I asked him to clean it up, he could just scoop up all the Legos and put them in bins until the next time he wanted to use them.

Of course, my husband’s section of the basement is very tidy.  Well, for a workshop, anyway.  He’s got stuff where he wants it.  And, can probably find it when needed.

My section is somewhat organized.  Right after my stay in the loony bin I got a bee in my bonnet (what’s that phrase about?) to start cleaning stuff up and out.  So I had these shelves that we just jam-packed with stuff and I had no idea where to find anything other than Christmas stuff.  That holiday has it’s own shelf.  Now, that is all pretty organized.  I have had some stuff spill out of there into the adjoining section that is considered “common ground” and I really should get around to picking through it or finda place for it all.  But, until then, I’m good with it.

So, now I’m sitting here, taking a break, in front of the box fan, just waiting to cool off enough to take a shower.

But, let this serve as a warning.  If ANYONE reading this blog buys my daughter any more “School Stuff,” prepare for the Wrath of ZUZU!!!!  Unless, of course, it is an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

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