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Cutting up the Credit Cards

Yep.  We’re actually doing this.  The credit cards are paid off, now we need to cancel them.

I was hoping cutting them up would be enough, but then the accounts are still out there, and so is your risk of identity theft, etc.  So, your best bet is to cancel them.

My first call was yesterday, and it was such an interesting experience, that I figured I would share my progress.  Let me preface this report by saying that I think it would be easier to ask these people for a kidney than to close my account.


“I want to close my account.”

  1. Oh, if you don’t have any questions about your account, then let me transfer you to someone who can help you with that.
  2. (5 full minutes on hold)
  3. Michelle, this is Angel and he will be taking care of you.  (Angel?  okaaay.)  Angel:  Why do you want to close your account?  Me:  Paying off all debt, going cash only.
  4. I see you’ve had the account for several years.  We can lower the maximum on your card, and that would help you not spend too much.  We would make a note on your account that it was at your request so that it wouldn’t affect your credit.  Me:  No.  But, thanks.  We don’t even want it out there.  Identity theft and all.
  5. Oh, but Mrs. Farmer, this card is very safe.  You have zero liability. We can add a photo id and a pin number and that would be free of charge.    Me:  No.  Thank you.
  6. Well, Mrs. Farmer, I can offer you one more thing.  (!!!!!)  Ten percent off your next purchase up to $200.  This would not be off just one item but off your ENTIRE purchase.  Me:  No.

Then, I was finally told that my account was closed.  During the course of the conversation I was reminded of the six month free financing and other benefits of the glorious HD card.  Yeah.  Yeah.  Believe me.  I know.  That’s why I got the card in the first place.

I almost laughed out loud when he offered me 10% off.  I told Tom that we should try to cancel everything we have, even if we aren’t wanting to close it.  The deals are out there, people! 

So, if you are still doing that credit card thing, and you want to buy something big at Home Depot, just call and you’ll end up with 10% off! 

But, you will have to endure 30 minutes of Angel telling you how great the card is.  I think I’ll just pull my fingernails out.

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