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Dr. Mom

Karen is home sick again today.  With “flu-like symptoms.”  No, I don’t know if it is swine flu.  Good news is she is feeling much better today.

I found this on the desktop of my laptop.

Note from Karen

Note from Karen











I know I always loved when my mom took care of me.  I’m glad she taught me well.  It’s so nice to be appreciated!

Oscar the Grouch Welcome Here!

Oh my gosh.  I just spent an hour in the basement cleaning up my daughter’s side.  It was supposed to be a classroom for her to pretend to be a teacher.  But, trust me, this property would be condemned, if it were. 

I lugged out: 2 trash bags of trash, 1 bag of stuff for charity, and a large box of recycling items. 

The problem is…you can hardly tell I did anything!

Now, if I had asked her to do it, it would have been a disaster because she would have cleaned about 15 minutes and then start playing, thinking it was done.  Plus, she would have saved a lot that I threw away.  Papers, awards, papers, notebooks, papers, glue sticks, and more paper.  Geez!  I thought I had a paper problem!

My son’s side of the basement is entirely Legos.  He and his friend build towns and then shoot movies with the them.  Pretty cool.  But, he doesn’t want to put them in boxes or sort them or anything like that.  He just spreads them out on the floor so that he can see what he has.  I’m fine with that.  If I asked him to clean it up, he could just scoop up all the Legos and put them in bins until the next time he wanted to use them.

Of course, my husband’s section of the basement is very tidy.  Well, for a workshop, anyway.  He’s got stuff where he wants it.  And, can probably find it when needed.

My section is somewhat organized.  Right after my stay in the loony bin I got a bee in my bonnet (what’s that phrase about?) to start cleaning stuff up and out.  So I had these shelves that we just jam-packed with stuff and I had no idea where to find anything other than Christmas stuff.  That holiday has it’s own shelf.  Now, that is all pretty organized.  I have had some stuff spill out of there into the adjoining section that is considered “common ground” and I really should get around to picking through it or finda place for it all.  But, until then, I’m good with it.

So, now I’m sitting here, taking a break, in front of the box fan, just waiting to cool off enough to take a shower.

But, let this serve as a warning.  If ANYONE reading this blog buys my daughter any more “School Stuff,” prepare for the Wrath of ZUZU!!!!  Unless, of course, it is an industrial strength vacuum cleaner.

Mother/Daughter Relationships

Other than my husband, my mom is my best friend.  I can tell her just about anything and she is always there for me.  As you can tell from this post.  (Okay, if this link thing doesn’t work, but you can go over to the right-hand side of the page here and click on “March 2008” and find “Happy Birthday, Mom!” if you want to.)

My wish is to become that to my daughter.  And, today, I got a chance to see the girl she still is and the woman she is to be.

She and I went to the mall to buy some Crocs.  I offered to buy knock-offs, but she wanted the real ones, so she was going to pay the difference.  Even though I don’t like shopping, I enjoy doing things like this with her.  After she picked out the ones she wanted and paid for them, she realized she had enough money for Dippin’ Dots.  When I said that was fine with me, we walked to the other end of the mall.  She reached over and grabbed my hand. I felt like I was filled with sunshine!  My ten-year-old still wants to hold my hand.  I think of her as a kid, a teen-to-be, a pain in the rear, and many other things, but this moment was really special for me. 

She and I also talked about the future:  what kind of dog she would like to have and why, her favorite names, etc.  We watched the people pass by as she was eating her dots.  She commented on the relationships that we saw, especially kids and their parents.  As we left, she held the door open for a man a little older than me, but younger than her grandfather.  He thanked her and she smiled and said, “You’re welcome!”  Last night at band practice, she went with me and since there were only two singers there, she asked if she could sing too.  I asked the others and, of course, they said, “Sure!”  She was as happy as a clam.  (But, really, are clams all that happy?  Sorry.  That was an ADD Moment.)  She seemed so grown-up, and I’m sure she felt that way.

She has such a positive outlook on life; she takes it all in.  I hope she continues to feel that way throughout her life.  It will serve her well.

I realized how much she loves and enjoys being with me.  Next week she and I are going to have most of the week to ourselves since Mark is going to Boy Scout camp and Tom will be joining him later in the week.  We already have some things planned, but I will make sure that I cherish many of the moments that we will have together.  Until, of course, she tells me that she is bored.  Then, I’m done with her.

Swimsuit Shopping

Women often run screaming when they hear those two words “Swimsuit Shopping.”  And, for those of us on the “plus” side, believe me, it is one of those things you make yourself do.  Just like those yearly exams we are supposed to have.  Ugh.

My daughter and I went shopping yesterday for a bit.  She bought a few things including a swimsuit.  Of course, she’s 10 and has the cutest figure and looks great in anything.  So, she’s trying on a two-piece (no boring old one-pieces for her!) and checking herself out in the mirror, shaking her hips watching the little ties on the sides flip around.  In her mind, there is nothing more exciting than that new swimsuit for summer.

Then there’s me.  Blech.  Not only are the swimsuits I’m looking at WAY more than I want to spend, but if I want to spend that much, I want to look good.  And, that ain’t happenin’, folks.  FINDING a swimsuit in your regular department store isn’t easy when you are looking for the women’s sizes.  (By the way, my dear friend was helping her sister look for clothes one time and announced, “Hey, sis, here is an 18 Wide!”  Needless to say, her sister sat on her and said, “W=Women, not Wide.”)  They don’t have a section for Women’s swimsuits.  Ours are mixed amongst all the others.  (Thankfully, not the petites.  Those little bitty things have their own section.)  I finally found one swimsuit that even had women’s sizes.  ONE!  So, I started ranting to my daughter, “So!  This is what it has come to, huh?  THEY decide that THIS is the only swimsuit overweight women can even pull off?  Is THAT what they are saying?”  She was sweet enough to just shake her head in empathy.  “Ugh!  And, check out the price!  PUH-LEEZE!  For that much, it should come with sleeves and a coupon for free liposuction!”   I did find two more suits that carried the Women’s sizes.  I decided on one, and bought it.  No way was I trying that thing on in the store. 

After I brought it home, I had buyer’s remorse.  Did I really need a new suit?  I have a couple that are perfectly fine.  Don’t look worn out at all.  Plus, we aren’t going anywhere this summer that would require a suit.  We may go on a float trip with Tom’s family, but I wouldn’t want to buy one just for that.  So, I’m taking it back.  Along with the cover-up that I bought.  Seriously, that thing isn’t going to cover up nearly enough!  😉 

So, the new swimsuit and the mirror will never meet.  Awww.  Too bad.  I think they are both better off not seeing each other.

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