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This is Getting Nuts!

If you’ve been following the last two posts, you know we have some tropical fish issues. Yesterday, 3 of 6 fish died.  I read on the internet that they were not the type to put in a new tank.  (Great!  Thanks so much for telling us that!)  Then, this morning, we saw two babies.  (This type-Platys-give live birth).  They bit the dust during the day.  Then an hour or so ago, another fish died.  I started thinking, “What are we doing wrong here?”

So, I called Petco.  I was asked, “You bought a tank yesterday and put fish in it the same day?”  Now, you know there is a right answer to that and a wrong one.  I was going to give her the wrong one.  “Yes.”  “Who sold you the fish?  Did they know it was going in a brand new tank?  Because you never put fish in a new tank.  You have to wait at least 7 days.”  That’s when I had to roll over on the great salesman we had.  I explained that he had been terrific helping us out with picking out a tank, buying the right food, etc.  But, he was not the one who actually got the fish that Karen wanted.  But, he did check us out, so he knew we were going to put the fish in that day.  The store manager said, “He’s a great guy and a great employee, but he should never have let you do that.  I’ll have a talk with him.  He’s not in trouble, but he needs to know to ask questions and be more observant.  I am very sorry for any heartache your daughter went through.  We will be happy to replace the fish in 7 days.  Again, I am very sorry.”

Now, that, my friends, is how a manager should be.  She was apologetic and took responsibility for the event that will forever be known in the Farmer household as “Black Wednesday/Thursday.” 

I’m a Great-Grandmother!

After yesterday’s death of 3 fish, I honestly expected to find the other 3 floating this morning.  I tried going in before my daughter woke up and use a flashlight to see if they were dead, so that I could prepare her before she found them herself.  All three were lying on the rocks.  Unfortunately, she woke up after I’d been in there just a minute or so. 

She then came down and asked if she could turn the on the light on the tank.  I told her that would be fine.  i waited for her to run down and let us know they were dead.  She came down the stairs and said, “Mommy, I hate to bother you again, but I think my fish had babies!”  Her brother and I ran up the stairs to peek.  Sure enough, there were two teeny, tiny babies hiding among the rocks.  (Apparently, the babies can be eaten by their moms.  Ewww.)

We rescued them after much effort and put them in a small container filled with water from the tank.  We have no idea what to do.  I’ve checked the internet, and apparently we need more plants for them to hide in or a breeding container.  So, I guess we’ll be heading to Petco this afternoon after school.  This is becoming a little more maintenance than I thought.

I will say this was a nice bonus after yesterday’s deaths.  We may end up with a tank full of Mickey Mouse Platys.  We’re going to run out of Disney names!   Can you name a fish “Annette?”

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