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Dishwasher 1: Zuzu 1

This morning I was running my dishwasher and noticed there was no sound of water entering the unit.  Hmmmm.  First thing I did was try the “Rinse Only” cycle.  Nothing.  Then I checked to make sure the water to the dishwasher was on.  Of course it was, but I had to check.  Maybe my plethora of flower vases had pushed against it and turned it off.  Nope.  Then I went online looking for help.  I had tried the first two steps already.  Yeah me!  Then I read about the intake valve being clogged and to check the control panel, blah blah blah.  Okaaaay.  Now entering the world of “Wha?”

First let me mention that I installed this sucker with a little help from my father (not a lot.  Seriously.  Mostly lifting and things like that.  I did check everything before I actually did it, but “technically” I did it.)  I did it four years ago, so my memory of how to do it was a little fuzzy.  So I grab my manual.  Yeah me!  I kept the installation manual AND the operating manual AND I knew where they were!  RAH RAH, ZUZU!

So, now, I’m headed to pull this baby out.  I know!  I can’t believe it myself!  What do I know about dishwashers?  Very little, my friends, but I’m like Rosie the Plumber in this house.  No, that was Rosie the Riveter….JOSEPHINE the plumber from those dishwashing ads!  My hubby is very handy with anything electrical or other stuff, other than plumbing.  And, I am thinking that this may not make his top priority list, since he probably has no idea what is wrong either.

Now, I head to the basement to grab the trusty cordless drill/screwdriver.  Yep.  Know how to use one of those too.  Actually, as a side note, I had this dishwasher repaired a couple of years ago, and the repairman was using a regular screwdriver.  I asked him if he wanted to use our cordless one and he informed me that they are not allowed to use those, because customers think that they are not working hard enough if they use the cordless ones.  WHAT A CROCK!  Anyhoo, I’m not an official Maytag repairman, so I did use the technology that God has given us.  Weeeeeeeeee!  I like unscrewing screws.  Don’t have to worry about getting them in straight or anything like that.  It did take me awhile to find all the &*%^ screws holding that thing in, but I found ’em.  Then I started to pull out the dishwasher.  Good gravy.  This was no easy task.  The dishwasher is stronger than I am, I’m afraid.  I pulled it out about 6 inches and that’s as far as it will go.  Nice.  I think I need to disconnect the return hose and the copper pipe going to the dishwasher before I pull it out anymore.

So, now, I’m waiting on my dad to stop by and give me the go-ahead.  Plus, I need someone here to tell me which breaker switch is for the dishwasher so I don’t electrocute myself and rob my faithful readers of some fabulous writing!

Stay tuned for more on this exciting Monday morning event!  (Oh, and I gave the dishwasher 1 point for stopping me from fixing it without help, but I gave myself 1 point for getting this far on my own, baby!)

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