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Easter Monday

I don’t know when this name became popular, but I guess it doesn’t matter.  The kids have the day off, which for a public school is unheard of, but makes a lot of sense.  I remember being in college and having to hurry home on Sunday after church on Easter, and it just didn’t seem right. 

So, after all the sugar from yesterday has digested and run its course, what is left of Easter?  (I’m not speaking religiously.  Easter is just the beginning for Christians, really.) 

How about them Peeps?  Ah, yes.  The marshmallow creatures of every color of the rainbow covered in sugar.  Some love them, some hate them.  I remember a friend of mine from MOPS won the prize for eating the most Peeps during Easter.  She was diabetic.  Hmmmm…Ironic?

I don’t love them.  But, I do like them better stale.  Sounds odd to some of  you, but I know I’m not alone.

One thing I do look forward to when it comes to Easter and Peeps is the annual Peeps Show contest run by The Washington Post.  So take a look at this year’s contest winners.  I am amazed at the creativity of people.  And, the dedication!  Think how long it must have taken to make these!  Incredible!

(I do wonder how many Peeps were harmed during the making of these dioramas…)

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