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Worst Mom EVER!

By now you’ve heard on all internet chat rooms, that I am the worst mom ever.  This, of course, is posted by my children.

Last night, we received about 9 inches of snow.  “Yeah!  No school!” quickly turned into “What do you mean I can’t go outside?”  This question was demanded by my daughter who stayed home from school yesterday with a nasty cough, runny nose, and generally miserable.  No fever, but yesterday I was the greatest mom ever because I let her stay home.  And I stand by that decision.  She was in no condition to be going to school and infecting others.  Today, however, I’m the worst mom ever.  Even though she agrees that if there was school today, she wouldn’t be well enough to attend.

Now for the son.  He is mad because I made everyone in the house take their temperatures.  My hubby came home from Chicago last night and was miserable with a stuffy nose, headache, etc.  I sound like Lauren Bacall or Suzanne Pleshette, take your pick.  So we all took our temps and the son’s was the highest of anyone (only 98.9), yet felt better than anyone after a week or so of a sore throat and cough (not bad enough to stay home from school.)   I agreed that I would have sent him to school, so I told him he could play outside in the snow for 30 minutes.  Then, if his cough stayed away, I would let him go for an hour this afternoon when it was a bit warmer.  As you can imagine, this put me on the top of the ladder of worst moms ever.  (Now get this, his best friend called to see if he could play outside.  When my son told him that he had a temp of 98.9, the mom of the best friend said, “Let’s see if his temperature gets any better before you play with him.”  But, that, of course, just makes me even worse of a mom.)

Add to this that the hubby disagrees with me about our son.  As I explained to him and my son, I am the one who will have to take care of the sick boy and hear all his complaints, if he gets sick.

Let’s recall here, that we have 8-9 inches of snow.  It’s not going anywhere soon.

My daughter just came in and asked, “Pretty please can I go outside?”  When I said no and if she asked again, I’d send her to her room, she countered, “I’ll clean up my room!”  Geezo!  I then went into the explanation of “You have a cold (as she sniffed a big chunk of goo) and if you go outside then it could settle in your chest, then you get pneumonia, and then you go to the hospital.  Now DON’T ASK ME AGAIN!”  She is now crying in her room.

Is it time for another Xanax?

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