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It’s Now an Official Tradition

Last year, Karen entered middle school, so I took she and Mark to Five Guys and they spent the time discussing what to expect, how things are different from elementary school, etc.

Yesterday, Karen and I took our neighbor to Five Guys to do the same thing.  Our neighbor had lots of questions, and seemed very happy with Karen’s answers.  It was so strange to see the role-reversal, though.  There was Karen looking all mature and answering questions, when just a year ago, she looked all small and unsure of the future.

Sure, she probably provided her friend with more information than she needed, “I sat at Table 2-5 for lunch.  Let me draw you a diagram of the tables.”  Her friend just wanted to know if you could sit anywhere, or if there were assigned seats.  🙂  But, she seemed to really enjoy the time together. 

The typical questions came up.  “When can you go to your lockers?” “Isn’t it really crowded when everyone is at their lockers?”  “How do you change clothes in the locker room for PE?” I really liked Karen’s response to that one.  “It is kind of creepy at first.  You’ll want to go in the bathroom stall and change, but everyone tries to do that, so it doesn’t work.  Really, it’s not that weird after awhile, because everyone is doing it. Plus, I wore an undershirt, so that made it easier.”  The look on her friend’s face was one of huge relief. I’d forgotten what a big deal that was.

She thanked me at least three times for taking her to lunch.  She’s a wonderful girl, and I’m sure she’ll do fine.  And, as Karen said, “You don’t have to wave at me if you don’t want to.  But, if you are having a bad day or just need a smile, give me a wave, and I’ll wave right back and say, “Hi Maggie!”” What more could a girl ask for?  ha

Five Guys I Love

The family went to lunch on Sunday after church.  Tom said, “Let’s go somewhere different.”  I told him to pick a place, and then, literally half a second after I said that, I yelled out, “Five Guys Burgers and Fries!”  It was like a Tourett’s moment.  It flew out of my mouth before I even knew what was happening.  Fortunately, Tom laughed and said it sounded good.

Then, Mark and Karen chided me because they said it was “Two Guys” not “Five Guys.”  I said, “Oh.  Sorry.”  Then, I said, “Uh, I still think it’s Five.  It rolls off the tongue better.”  Mark agreed it did sound better, but still said I was wrong.  As we pulled into the parking lot, Mark says, “Mom!  Don’t look!  Turn your head!”  I said, “Ah…It IS Five, isn’t it!”  Score one for the old lady.

If you get a chance, you have got to try this place.  It was the best burger I have ever had.  Now, I will admit that I had the burger that could easily clog your arteries in two seconds–bacon cheeseburger–but, I thought, it may be the only time I eat here, so why not try for the best?  If it was good, then the next time I came, I could get a more sensible burger.

It is not a cheap burger joint.  Our meal was $35.  If we had been more educated, we would have known to order just one order of fries for all of us.  They were delicious!  I told my family that they reminded me of the french fries my grandfather used to make in his FryDaddy. 

Oh, you could also choose a hot dog or grilled cheese, but that’s about it.  (Karen gives the grilled cheese a four out of five.  I will say, however, she “mmmm’d” three times during the meal.)

Everything was so fresh.  They even post where the potatoes come from that they are using that day. 

Mark rates restaurant bathrooms on his blog  (don’t ask.  he just does, okay?), so check it out for his take on Five Guys.

And, there are free peanuts in the shell too! 

Run, don’t walk, to FIVE Guys Burgers and Fries the next time you are in the mood for a good burger and fries.

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