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Nancy’s Husband, Todd

A few weeks ago I wrote about my next door neighbor calling me “Nancy” instead of my real name.  I received many comments on that and a lot of laughter.

Well, now my husband can join the party.  We just received an invitation to a graduation party for the boy across the street.  (Different family)  The invitation read, “Mr. and Mrs. Todd Farmer and family.”  My husband’s name is Tom, not Todd.  Now, my son pointed out that at least Todd sounds like Tom, whereas Nancy and Michelle sound nothing alike.  I think it’s funny how you can invite someone to a party and not even know his name.  I told Tom that we obviously make a lasting impression on our neighbors.  🙂

I think I will RSVP that Todd and Nancy would love to attend the party.  Unfortunately, Tom and Michelle will not be there.

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