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General Hospital

Before I give you a run-down of my surgical experience, I thought you might like a little trivia test.  Can you name the shows that featured these hospitals?   Some may still be on the air.  And, I’ll admit I had to look up a couple.

  1. Seattle Grace
  2. County General
  3. Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital
  4. St. Eligius
  5. Rampart General
  6. Sacred Heart

Answers at the bottom of the post.

Yep.  I made it out the other side, friends.  I’m home after my hysterectomy which was exactly one week ago.  Fifteen staples will be removed tomorrow, and I will be feeling a whole lot better.  I’m already feeling better than two weeks ago, so the recovery is looking very promising.

There were highlights and lowlights, as you would expect with most hospital stays.  The staff was very kind, and I would choose Mo Bap again any time.  Hopefully not too soon. 

I promise not to gross you out with any of the stories.  Which leaves me exactly one story to tell.

I was expected to walk the day after surgery, which was not a problem because I was on Percocet and still had morphine left in me, so I was not feeling much pain.  I was on the maternity floor, so Tom and I walked to the nursery.  There weren’t any babies in there.  Aww.  But, as we walked we saw several moms and dads wheeling their babies in the hallways.  I told Tom, “I’ll consider this a good walk if no one asks if I had a boy or a girl or how many centimeters I’m dilated.”  We were literally two doors away from making it back to my room, when a woman in a business suit came out of an office and said, “Good for you!”  Obviously she thought I was working through contractions.  DOH!  So close! 

I didn’t let it bother me too much.  Tom and I just went back into the room, closed the door, and scarfed down cookies from the cookie bouquet my friends sent me.

Once I got home, the kids were glad to be back home too, since they had spent the past few days at my parents’ house.  What they didn’t know was that they were going to spend two more nights there so that I could really get some rest.  This was a major disappointment and you would have thought we were sending them to Git-Mo.  I told them I was going to be a fun-sucker for awhile, and that I was sorry, but they were just going to have to deal with it.  With pouty faces, they left.

When they came back for good, they did their best not to just say “hi” and run out the door.  Which was fine with me, it was a nice day, and I wanted them to play with their friends.  But, before they went, I had something to show them.  I said, “Okay, kiddos, I want to show you what Mom went through and why you are going to have to cut me some slack.”  I lifted up my shirt and showed them my Frankenstein belly.  There were gasps.  There were grossed-out faces.  Faces were turning white.

I know Tom didn’t exactly agree with my showing them the incision and stitches, but as I explained to him later, they couldn’t see anything wrong with me, so it was hard for them to understand why I couldn’t get out of the chair without help or make them dinner.  Now they know.  They did a 180.  They are more than happy to help with anything.  Sometimes a little dose of reality is all you need.

And, now for your trivia answers:

  1. Seattle Grace – Grey’s Anatomy
  2. County General – ER
  3. Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital – House (I had to look this one up to get the exact name.  I just remembered Princeton and Teaching Hospital.)
  4. St. Eligius – St. Elsewhere  (Remember how the hospital turned out to be a snow globe?  Wild.)
  5. Rampart General – Emergency!  (I can still hear Dixie:  “Rampart 451, go ahead.”  Or something like that.  Loved that show.)
  6. Sacred Heart – Scrubs (This one I didn’t know because I haven’t seen more than 2 episodes, but I figured there might be a Scrubs fan out there that would be upset if it wasn’t included)

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