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Penny Pinching in 2010

Tom and I decided it was time to tune-up our finances.  So, starting in December (and, yes, BEFORE Christmas) we began our trek to financial well-being. 

A shout-0ut to Dave Ramsey and his book The Total Money Makeover.  Thanks to that book we have a good game-plan.  And we are actually excited about it! 

So, as I was grocery shopping today, I was very careful about what I bought.  I learned a lesson, though.   Apparently, you not only have to clip the coupons, but remember to give them to the checker as well.  They don’t just give you $5 because you have those coupons.  In your binder.  That you’ve carted all over the store and carefully chosen your items to coincide with said coupons.  Nope.  You have to actually GIVE them to the checker.  Ugh.

Oh, well.  Maybe I’ll need 3 boxes of Kleenex next week.  And 3 cans of Progresso soup.  And egg noodles.

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