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Note to Hollywood

It is been said recently (and often) that politicians are out of touch with the common man. I believe that is true of Hollywood as well.

For example, I know very few people that drop “f-bombs” as often as they use the word “the.” But, watch a few rated R movies, and I begin to think I am living in a fantasy world of candy canes and lollipops. I’m not naive. I know that people use “those words” daily. Just not the majority.

Then there are the driving scenes.  Some scenes are filmed with the actors actually driving a real car and the camera is right there with them. (I saw an outtake of an episode of “The Office” where Steve Carell was driving and actually drove to a cul-de-sac, and had nowhere to go. Now that’s real life!) But, more often than not, I see the driver of the car turn to the passenger either next to him or even the rear seat, and talk a blue streak. Now, those of us in the real world know that a driver would most likely either run his car off the road or crash into another car. (or at the very least run a red light or stop sign) Keep your eyes on the road, idiot! At least for the majority of the time. One of the worst offenders of this practice (and is actually the inspiration for this blog today) is one of our family’s favorite movies “School of Rock.” There is a scene where Jack Black is driving the van with all the kids in the back, and Led Zepplin is playing on the stereo. He turns around to the back of the van and sings along (in his Jack Black way) for quite awhile. It must be a mom thing, because no one else seems to freak out over those things, but in my mind I’m thinking, “They’re going to crash!” and then they don’t.  Hmmmmm.

I am not going to venture into the “leave the Midwest alone” subject. Everyone knows that the Midwest is hilarious. We all live on farms, have a hillbilly accent, and are dumber than a box of rocks.

Hey! Maybe that’s the answer! Maybe outside of the Midwest, people drive while looking backwards and shout out four-letter words like a bad rapper. Well, then, Hollywood…never mind.  I gotta go harvest the pumpkins and milk the cows.


What? TV Doesn’t Mirror the Real World?

After watching a recent episode of “The New Adventures of Old Christine,”  I saw a common TV irritation repeat itself. 

Whenever anyone picks up a purse or a messenger bag, it is SO obvious that there is nothing in it.  Unless, of course, a prop of some sort, like keys or Kleenex are required for the scene, and then it is obvious that there isn’t anything else in there, because the character always pulls it right out.

Now, let’s quickly discuss the TV world vs. the real world.  My purses never look as flat as the ones on television even when I put only the minimum daily requirements inside.  Putting one wallet in there would make it at least fill out a little.  And, when it comes the messenger bags, these guys pick them up, and sling them over their shoulder like they are filled with cotton balls! 

C’mon!  Would it be so hard to stuff the purses with paper?  You could recycle old scripts that way.  In fact, at least half of the time, the purses I buy have paper already stuffed inside them!  And, put a rock or two in those messenger bags, or learn how to “act” like they are heavier than tissue paper.

Don’t tell me Hollywood has lost touch with the outside world!

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