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Idol Worship

I know it is breaking the 2nd commandment, but I have a few people that I hold in very high regard.  Jimmy Stewart is one.  I absolutely loved that guy!  I thought he was a wonderful actor, and by all accounts, a wonderful man as well.  My boyfriend (soon to be my husband) bought me his book of poetry.  It remains the only book of poetry I can stomach.  Then my mom got me this biography about him.  I quit reading it about halfway through because the writer started to suggest he’d had some homosexual experiences before he met his wife (to whom he was married a billion years).  I didn’t want to think of him in that way.  I wanted to protect my image of Jimmy.  After all, I named this blog after an object in one of his greatest movies!

Now I’m on the fence about reading this book about Abraham Lincoln.  After our family’s latest trip to the Lincoln museum in Springfield, IL (a must-see!), my love of Lincoln was rekindled.  I remember in elementary school, I was supposed to pick a President to write a report about, and my mom insisted that I choose someone besides Lincoln because I’d done so many reports on him already.  (I chose JFK.  I didn’t know the scandals about him at the time.)  So, Lincoln was a hero in my eyes.  (Oh, random fact:  Lincoln is the most popular choice by people who are asked, “Who would you like to meet in heaven?”)  While browsing the gift shop at the museum, I perused the books about him.  Several intrigued me, but I had to admit that I would read them once, and then they would sit on a shelf for an eternity.  So, I decided to use my local library for my Lincoln fix.  One of the books is titled, Lincoln Legends:  Myths, Hoaxes, and Confabulations Associated with our Greatest President.  I, admittedly, chose this book by its cover.  I thought it looked like a fun read.  Now, I’m trying to decide whether or not to read it. 

I mean, do I want to know that he really didn’t walk miles to return 3 cents that he owed a customer?  Or that he had affairs with women while married to his wife?  I don’t know. 

I kind of like living in my happy bubble.  If Jimmy was gay and Lincoln was an adulterer, the next thing you’ll tell me is that Santa Claus isn’t real. 


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