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Sick as a Dog

Okay, what does that even mean?  Are dogs sicker than other animals?  I’m not an animal person, so I truly have no idea.

But, yeah, I’m sick with the flu today.  It’s an absolutely gorgeous day, and I was actually planning on being outside with the family (which is really a big deal for me because I really enjoy being inside with all the windows open.  I justify that is it almost like being outdoors.).  But, here I am stuck in bed with the window open wishing I were outside.

Being sick stinks.  I really don’t like the stuff you are supposed to eat to make yourself feel better.  Can’t stand tea.  Blech.  But, I got a headache from the flu or the lack of caffeine so I drank a cup.  Bananas.  Not my favorite, but Tom got me some, so I ate one.  Saltines.  Mom always has these on hand so she dropped a sleeve by.  (My mom really does always have them.  In fact, my kids have called them “Nannie Crackers” since they could talk.)  Now, I don’t do jello or 7-Up.  So, I’ve done what I can.  We’ll let the body do the rest.

Being in bed these days isn’t so bad, though.  I’ve done a few crossword puzzles and read a book.  Even though we don’t have cable, I have the next best thing (or maybe even a better thing)…my laptop.  I’ve watched this week’s Grey’s Anatomy and several episodes of Lie to Me on Instant Netflix.  I’ve kept up on Facebook, and played a few games.  Thanks to Tom for setting it up in our room.

 I’ve also thought of a thousand random thoughts that I wondered if I should blog about.  But, I decided not to.  There wasn’t much to blog about.  Just one sentence thoughts.  Like, what’s the difference between muffins and cupcakes?  Just icing?

Yeah, I think I’ll save you from that.

Have a Blessed Easter!

Forty Hours and Counting Down

I’ve never been so excited about having surgery in my life!  Oh, yeah.  I’ve never had surgery.  Oh well.  I’m still excited.

I haven’t been feeling so hot the last week or so, and that just cements my belief that this hysterectomy is the right thing to do.  I feel like I’m really on top of the whole situation, so BRING IT ON!  My doctor said to me this morning, “I’m excited!  I’ll see you Wednesday!”  That made me laugh.  He doesn’t usually make jokes.

I was supposed to attend the Hearts at Home conference in Normal, IL next weekend, but obviously, that ain’t gonna happen.  I missed the cancellation deadline, so I started checking around to see if anyone wanted to go in my place.  I have two friends that are going (and I’m really bummed about missing out time with them), and I was afraid that if no one took my place, then I would be stuck with a tote bag that cost $90.  (I paid $90 for the conference, and my friends would have picked up my tote bag for me.)  Well, anyway, I called the Hearts at Home office expecting to at least change my reservation to a non-attendee packet which would include the tote bag and audio of the keynote speaker and 4 workshops of my choice.  Well, let me tell you, once you say the word “hysterectomy,” people immediately try to help you out.  The lovely ladies from Hearts at Home gave me my money back, minus the $20 registration fee.  This was even without asking!  And, I am several days past the deadline.  How nice is that?

I’ve come to the conclusion that “hysterectomy” is second only to “cancer” when playing sympathy/empathy cards.  Cancer will always win that one.

It feels really strange to have meals being brought in from yesterday through the 24th.  I keep saying to myself, “It’s not like I have cancer!”  But, I know people want to help.  And, from what I’ve heard, I won’t be feeling much like cooking or bending over and putting stuff in the oven for awhile.

In the book 90 Minutes in Heaven, the author writes about his reluctance to accept help.  This was due, in part, to his being a pastor and, therefore, used to helping others, not being helped.  I’m no pastor, but I prefer to help than be helped.  I’ve really been working on it, though.  My family is trying so hard to help.  They want to do something.  And, according to the book, I should not rob them of that.  So, I ask for some envelopes or a refill on my water.  It shocked me how happy they were to do it! 

I mentioned to Tom yesterday that I would like to be able to use my laptop after surgery, but had heard that I wasn’t allowed to lift anything heavier than my purse.  (I’m guessing this is an average weight.  My mom’s purse is usually quite heavy.  She’s like Mary Poppins.  Everything is in that bag.  And, at the low end of the scale, are the TV actresses’ purses.  See previous blog.)  Well, a laptop is pretty heavy when you think about it.  So, I mentioned possibly putting felt on the legs of a TV tray so that I could pull it close to the chair or push it away easily on the hardwood floor.  Tom jumped right up and did it.  Right then!  Wow.  That was unusual. 

What I have already realized is that it is easy to be the patient.  You just deal with it.  Whatever “it” is.  But, your loved ones?  They watch from the outside wanting to help you, but feeling helpless.  Wanting to do something, but not know what you want or need.  I’ve now been on both sides, and that’s what I’ve observed. 

So, the next time you are the one who is “down and out” as it were, please get over yourself and accept help.  It may be the nicest thing you can do for your friends and loved ones.

Thinking (not singing) in the Shower

I usually think a lot in the shower.  I don’t know why.  Maybe it is because I don’t have anything else to look at, enclosed in that “just bigger than a voting booth” space, other than my body (shiver).  Maybe it the relaxing warm water.  But, somehow, I always come up with something to blog about.

Then I get out.

Apparently, drying myself off also wipes away any memory I have of what I was thinking in the shower.  I know I had a great idea (or at least a good one) for today.  No idea what that might have been.  None.  I even had a great ending sentence!  Mind.  Blank.

So this morning, I’ve been trying to remember.  Let’s see…I walked.  Nope, that wasn’t it.  I cleaned the basement a little.  Nope.  Already wrote about that.  The exterminator is coming to give us a bid on getting rid of the fleas in our yard.  YUCK!  Definitely not it.  I just finished the book Twilight, but this isn’t a blog about books.  I know  it wasn’t about the Democratic National Convention or anything political.  You don’t need me to tell you who I’m going to vote for and why.  Who do you think I am?   George Stephanopoulos?  (And, yes, I had to look up the spelling of his name.  Can you imagine having a crush on him and writing that name all over your spiral notebook?  Wow.)

So, other than to let you know that after my last blog, I didn’t drink coffee for 5 days and just now get back to you.  I just don’t remember what I was going to treat you to today. 

Oh, well, I’ll think of it eventually.  Probably the next time I’m in the shower.  Besides, unlike many electrical products, this laptop did not come with the warning Do Not Use in Bathtub so I am certain it is safe.

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