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Happy Birthday, Honey!

Today is my husband’s birthday.  He’s out celebrating it in Beverly Hills.  I know.  Tough, right?  But, I know he’d rather be home with his family, so that makes it a little better.

Tom is 43 years old, but he doesn’t look it or act it.  His smile can still melt me like butter.  He also has the greatest legs and always has.  He loves to play around with the kids (some game called Space Monkey that involves a lot of rough-housing and giggling.  I can’t be in the room.  Makes the mother in me nervous.)

Tom has been there for me through thick and thin.  I remember his mom telling me on our wedding day that she knew Tom would always stay faithful to me.  She remembered that he had a girlfriend when he was little and he stuck with her the whole time.  (I have no idea how old they were, but I don’t think I need to be worried about her showing up and stealing him any time soon.)  Tom is very loyal to his company, the church, and just about anything he has agreed to do.  If he says he will be at every meeting, then you had better make sure there is a spot for him, because he will be there come hell or high water.  (love that saying.)

Tom is always on time.  His saying is, “If you are on time, then you are late.”  I’ve had to bend to that one.  I had a habit of being late to most things.  I didn’t like it, though, so I always ask him, “What time do you want to leave the house?”  Then, I make sure I am ready to go.  I appreciate learning that lesson from him.

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOM!  Your the Ernie to my Zuzu and I love you! 

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