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Crimson and Clover

Where has all the clover gone?  I noticed this the other day while driving my kids somewhere.  Very few lawns have clover.  Many, many dandelions.  (termed “footprint of the white man” by the Native Americans because there were no dandelions until the Pilgrims and their friends came.  I know.  I’m a wealth of information.)  But, no clover.  You can tell who has a lawn service (or really takes care of their lawn) because their lawn does not have any dandelions.  Feast or famine, I guess. 

But what has happened to the clover?  I remember sitting in my yard as a kid and making necklaces from the clover flowers.  Many, many necklaces.  My children will never learn that craft.  Of course, there were lots of bees pollinating with the clover, but I would just move to a new patch.  And, there were always more patches.

Clover was soft to walk on, too.  Not like prickly dandelions. 

Of course, if it weren’t for dandelions, I never would have known that I was going to have 17 children…

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