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A Lesson in Expenditures

Today my son is hosting a Wii party.  This consists of having a few friends over to play multiplayer Wii games.

Before this get-together was allowed, I had him write down what he was planning, what he expected of me, and when he anticipated this would occur.

He did a great job.  We sat down and talked about the number of people.  He and his best friend are co-hosting this party and had decided on inviting 3 more people.  They even had a list of who would be their first choices.

Then we negotiated on the length of the party.  Holy cow, that kid thought they could spend the whole day here.  Did he forget his mom is bipolar and could snap at any minute?  No, not really, but his time was unrealistic, even to the mentally stable.  😉  So, we negotiated down to 4 hours.  (Which, honestly, I thought was WAY more than was needed, but since it’s a once-a-summer deal, I agreed to it.)

Then came my terms.  He must leave the family room and kitchen exactly as they looked when the party began.  He quickly agreed.  I said, “And no blaming someone else for a mess or spill.  That is still your responsibility to clean up.”  “No problem,” he said.

After we agreed on the terms we both signed and dated the contract.

A couple of days later, I told him that I would give him $10 to buy the snacks he wanted.  So, this morning, (the day of the party), we headed off to the grocery store.  It was very interesting to see what he purchased.  His best friend had requested Tostitos with Lime and root beer.  Vess root beer was 99 cents, but Mug root beer was $1.49.  He decided that the Mug might taste better.  Then he picked up a 2-liter of Coke.  When he got to the chips, it was not such an easy decision.  He noticed that the Tostitos his friend wanted were not on sale, and he couldn’t find a price.  I told him to go ask a cashier to tell him what it was.  He came back with a price of $3.49 or something like that.  He was surprised it was so expensive.  Then, he chose his favorite snack, Munchies.  He said he had a quarter left, so he was good.

When we went to check out, we went to the self-scan (always our first choice.  I guess I get to fulfill my dream of wanting to be a cashier at a grocery store.).  He scanned the Tostitos.  Then, he scanned his Munchies.  They were $4.49.  I pointed this out to him.  He looked confused.  I knew what had happened.  He had seen a sign that said they were on sale, but he had picked up the wrong size.  So, I sent him back to decide what he wanted to do.  He stood in the aisle for quite awhile before I went to help him.  Just as I got there, he realized what had happened.  He stood with the much smaller bag in his hand and decided to not get them.  (Now he knows why I rarely buy them.  They are expensive and he eats them like there is no tomorrow.)  I pointed out that there were chips for $2.  He seemed excited about that and then chose Cheetos Puffs.  I then said, “You know you could get another bottle of soda.  You have enough money left.”  He was thrilled and came back with Dr. Pepper.

I was very pleased with how this all went down.  Sometimes kids need to know how much things cost and why we don’t buy stuff just because we like it.  He did a great job of getting a variety of snacks, and we’ll see how much is left after all is said and done.

Right now, I am hearing lots of kabooms and excited yelling.  (No inside voices here.)  I have no idea what they are playing, but I’m going with Mario Kart.  So, if the sound of this party is too loud for you, regardless of where you live I’m sure you’ll hear it, just know that you can remove your earplugs at 5:00.

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