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Three Things Part III (at least)

Today, I’m having a kind of “blech” day.  Woke up that way.  Hate it.  So, rather than focus on what is wrong, why I feel this way, I thought I’d go back to the Three Things Lists.

Three Things I Don’t Like

  1. There is no weight loss program named a Carbs Only Diet.
  2. The St. Louis Bread Co. across from church on Olive.  Never seem to get the orders “quite right.”
  3. Non-stick skillets that lose their non-stickiness.

Three Things I Like:

  1. Sleeping with the windows open and the fan on.
  2. The Beatles
  3. Teaching Sunday School, hearing the kids laughing, and seeing their big smiles

Another List

Three things I like:

  • Smell and look of a newly painted room
  • Naps
  • Sleeping with the fan on


Three things I don’t like:

  • People that don’t use their turn signals
  • Worms
  • Apple Juice

Best Dads

No, sorry, Folks, this is not going to be a gush-fest about my dad.  This is about dads we all know and love.  TV dads.

I used to be a TV addict.  In fact, before I was married, my outgoing message on my answering machine said, “Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now.  I’m either not at home, or watching one of my favorite TV shows.” 

My mom got me this great book TV Guide Book of Lists.  It is awesome!  Check it out, buy it, whatever, but read through it.  Lots of fun stuff.

One of the lists in the book was Best TV Dads.  Which got me to thinking.  Not which dad would you have liked to have had, but which dad would you want to marry?                                   

Here are  my top 5 and why:  (Remember, it’s the character, not the actor.  I would have an entirely different list for that.)  Oh, and I would step into their world, not the other way around.  Let’s see, though, their kids or mine?  I’m going with theirs.  Too complicated otherwise. 

  1. Ray Barone (After all, EVERYBODY loves Raymond!  Not so much the in-laws.  Maybe I should re-think that one.)
  2. Mike Brady (still affectionate, spent a lot of time at home, and actually shared parenting)
  3. Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith, you know.  Positive outlook, you could just tell he’d treat me well.)
  4. Cliff Huxtable (Doctor, but often home, loves his kids, and supports his wife in whatever she wants to do.)
  5. Rob Petrie (Just because he’s sweet and funny.  Oh, and his son hardly ever showed his face, so it would be a peaceful existence.

So, now, who would you choose as your spouse?  Men, feel free to choose your wife and her children.



    Oh No! Not Another List!

    Yep.  Another one.

    Things I dislike:

    1. Getting my feet muddy.
    2. Taking long showers.
    3. Hot tea.

    Things I like:

    1. The smell of a hot car.
    2. A fire in the fireplace.
    3. When my husband comes home and gives me a kiss.

    Things I Hate/Like

    I remember when reading the Mitford series of books, that Father Tim’s girlfriend/wife would always tell three things she liked and three that she didn’t.  I always thought that was really cool.  Cool because she wouldn’t dwell on the things she didn’t like.  She balanced out the good and the bad.  Kind of like playing the Pollyanna Glad Game.  (which I try to do in most circumstances.)  In fact, once I was so cold when we were camping, that I was miserable.  I even went to sleep in the van, and it wasn’t much warmer in there.  I was miserable and thought morning would never come.  I played the glad game with myself and thought, “Hey, people in concentration camps don’t get a break when dawn comes.”  Kind of extreme I know, but it helped.

    So today, in honor of Cynthia Coppersmith, here are my three likes and dislikes:

    I don’t like:

    1. People that park in handicapped parking spaces that aren’t handicapped.
    2. When people don’t say “thank you” when you hold the door open for them.  (I want to say, “You’re welcome, Your Majesty!”
    3. Mushy peas

    Things I like:

    1. Smell of cookies baking.
    2. Going out to eat with friends.
    3. Going barefoot in the spring and summer.

    Once a week, think about three things you like and three you don’t.  I’d love to hear from you!

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